Donald Trump just told Sean Hannity a terrifying truth about who is really running the country

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is 81 years old and clearly suffering from severe cognitive decline.

Most Americans already believe Joe Biden is incapable of performing his duties as President.

And Donald Trump just told Sean Hannity a terrifying truth about who is really running the country.

After his 30-point landslide victory in Iowa – combined with his continued dominance in the polls – Donald Trump is virtually all-but guaranteed to win the GOP nominating contest.

And on Thursday, Donald Trump appeared for an interview on Fox News Channel with Sean Hannity where he called on Republicans to come together and help him defeat Joe Biden this fall.

“Within the Republican Party, I want to bring unity and within the nation I want to bring unity,” Trump told Hannity.

“Unity is going to come from success because when we had this country prior to COVID, and then even after COVID, but especially prior to COVID, the China virus coming in, we had the most successful country ever in history,” he continued. “There’s never been anything like it, what we did.”

Hannity wanted to know how Trump continues to fight so hard given Joe Biden’s weaponized justice system and all of the witch hunts over the years.

“And we had to fight off all of the witch hunts and the scandals, these people what they did – Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine,” Trump said. “51 intelligence agents saying that the laptop from hell was created by Russia, not by Hunter Biden, okay?,” he added. “It was Hunter Biden all the way.”

Trump said a “softer individual” like Nikki Haley “would not be able to handle” the witch hunts and lawfare attacks.

“But I mean, if I were a softer individual – and I’ll tell you something . . . Nikki or anybody else, if they were in my position, if they were here, they would have been hit just as hard,” Trump said. “These people play tough, much tougher than the Republicans play, and the Republicans have to get tougher.”

Trump pointed to how Democrats have historically played “much tougher” than Republicans, but said that has to change in 2024.

He said there is too much at stake for Republicans to remain soft and not fight back.

“[N]ow, Biden is a threat to democracy,” he declared. “He is an absolute threat to democracy.”

Trump explained to Hannity that there are two main reasons why Joe Biden is very dangerous.

“Number one, he’s grossly incompetent, the number one reason,” Trump said. “But he’s also – actually, in his own way, it’s not him, it’s the people around him,” he continued. “He set very bad people surrounding him at that desk.”

“You have people running the Department of Justice surrounding him,” Trump continued.

That’s when he revealed that Joe Biden has “communists” and “Marxists” running the White House for him.

“They’re young, and they’re smart, and they are communists, and they’re Marxists,” Trump said. “They’re fascists, and they’re running this country.”

Of course, Donald Trump is correct.

But that hasn’t stopped Joe Biden and the Democrats from accusing Trump and his supporters of the very crimes they are guilty of committing themselves.

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