Donald Trump just made the one announcement regarding CNN that no one ever expected to hear

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Donald Trump has not been shy about his feelings toward CNN.

It’s been seven years since he appeared on the network.

But Donald Trump just made the one announcement regarding CNN that no one ever expected to hear.

Former President Donald Trump has constantly ripped CNN for spreading the Left’s lies, smears, and accusations against him and his administration, frequently referred to the network as “Fake News Media” and “State TV.”

Even though left-wing media outlets like CNN hate Trump, his Presidency served as a massive boost for the network’s ratings.

After CNN suffered a huge drop in viewership after he left office, new network CEO Chris Licht was instructed to transform CNN from a major cog in the Democrat propaganda machine to a legitimate news outlet those not brainwashed by the radical Left could actually watch.

Trump offered CNN advice last year on how to boost their ratings.

“If ‘low ratings’ CNN ever went Conservative, they would be an absolute gold mine, and I would help them to do so!” Trump wrote last year on Truth Social.

Apparently, CNN took the former President’s offer seriously.

And on May 10, Trump will appear on CNN for the first time since 2016 for a town hall interview with the network’s morning show co-host, Kaitlan Collins.

“Trump will attend the CNN town hall May 10 in New Hampshire, where he will take questions from voters in the first GOP primary state,” The Hill reported. “The event will be moderated by journalist Kaitlan Collins, who rose to prominence as a correspondent at the Trump White House and now hosts CNN’s morning show.”

The event will take place at New Hampshire’s Saint Anselm College.
Trump’s town hall with CNN is also a slap in the face to Fox News for firing Tucker Carlson, as it will undoubtedly lead many Fox viewers to tune into CNN for once.

After firing Carlson, Fox News has already seen a massive drop in prime-time ratings, plummeting from the top spot they’ve dominated for years, all the way down to third place.

Most Republicans would never do a CNN town hall – there’s little to gain, and so much to lose.

But with his third White House run proving to be a bit more of an uphill battle than he expected, Trump is using the town hall to try to kick start his campaign into the high gear it reached in 2016 by giving his fans what they want most – the former President hurling haymakers at the media.

“Going outside the traditional Republican ‘comfort zone’ was a key to President Trump’s success in 2016,” a Trump adviser told The Hill. “Some other candidates are too afraid to take this step in their quest to defeat Joe Biden, and are afraid to do anything other than Fox News.”

This is Donald Trump’s first appearance on CNN in seven years.

And it most likely will not be his last.

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