Donald Trump just made one big endorsement that sent shockwaves through the establishment

The establishment has tried everything to vanquish Donald Trump.

But he continues to be at the center of American politics.

And Trump just made one big endorsement that sent shockwaves through the establishment.

Donald Trump has yet to officially announce if he’s running for President in 2024, but in the meantime, he’s enjoyed playing the role of kingmaker.

The candidates he has endorsed in GOP primaries have done well, particularly in parts of the country that have been hit hard by illegal immigration.

Now Trump is endorsing another candidate: Sarah Palin.

The former Governor of Alaska is running for Congress in the state.

Trump said of Palin, “Wonderful patriot Sarah Palin of Alaska just announced that she is running for Congress, and that means there will be a true America First fighter on the ballot to replace the late and legendary Congressman Don Young . . . Sarah lifted the McCain presidential campaign out of the dumps despite the fact that she had to endure some very evil, stupid, and jealous people within the campaign itself . . . They were out to destroy her, but she didn’t let that happen . . . Sarah Palin is tough and smart and will never back down, and I am proud to give her my Complete and Total Endorsement and encourage all Republicans to unite behind this wonderful person and her campaign to put America First!”

Trump isn’t lying when he said that the establishment was out to “destroy” her.

Hollywood was particularly brutal to her.

The HBO film Game Change, helmed by far-left director Jay Roach, portrayed Palin as a clueless rube.

Democrats also claimed that Palin was unfit for the demands of the Vice Presidency because she had young children, including one with special needs.

The twin criticisms of the HBO film and motherhood being an obstacle would have been considered unconscionable had they been levied by the Right against a young Democrat.

In fact, the corporate-controlled press celebrated the mothers of young children in Biden’s administration.

When she announced her run for Congress, Palin said, “America is at a tipping point. As I’ve watched the far left destroy the country, I knew I had to step up and join the fight.

The people of the great State of Alaska, like others all over the country, are struggling with out-of-control inflation, empty shelves, and gas prices that are among the highest in the world. We need energy security for this country, and Alaska can help provide that – but only if the federal government gets out of the way and lets the free market do what it does best.”

With Republicans poised to retake the House, and likely the Senate, the party will need people who are willing to hit back against establishment dogma.

Biden and his cronies have done enough damage.

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