Donald Trump is about to shake the political landscape with a surprise endorsement that has Gretchen Whitmer shaking in her stilettos

Incumbent Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has established herself as one of the worst state executives in the entire United States of America.

Recently, a woke judge struck a blow to GOP hopes to unseat Whitmer.

But now former President Donald Trump may be riding in to save the day for Michiganders.

So far, in the 2022 election cycle, Trump-endorsed candidates have won 95 out of 102 Republican primary races.

Former President Donald Trump also went 2-0 in his endorsements in the year prior.

A 93% winning record is enough to scare any political opponent.

Especially an opponent with as disastrous of a record as Democrat Incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

Gov. Whitmer had one of the worst COVID performances of any Governor in America.

Included in her terrifying policies was the decision to send COVID patients to nursing homes to be around the most vulnerable population – the elderly.

In one of those cases, a large man with mental illness brutally beat an old man.

Injured and ashamed, the elderly man stopped eating and died soon later.

And the perpetrator was let off the hook with no prison time.

And Whitmer’s policies are to blame.

Whitmer is so vulnerable, 10 Republicans filed to run against her.

However, a Michigan judge recently invalidated half the field, saying some of the signatures were questionable.

The five candidates who were tossed from the ballot included the two front-runners in the race, former Detroit Police Chief James Craig and multi-millionaire businessman Perry Johnson.

Craig and Johnson had both compiled major financial backing and big-name endorsements.

But not the biggest endorsement of all.

Former President Donald Trump has yet to weigh in on the race.

However, signs are pointing to a huge endorsement coming from the 45th President of the United States soon.

America’s Voice News anchor, Tudor Dixon is already supported by Trump’s former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Dixon is also endorsed by Trump’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates John Rakolta.

Both the Rakoltas and DeVoses are huge names in Wolverine State politics and both families have tons of money and aren’t afraid to spend some in political campaigns.

DeVos and Rakolta are reported to be urging Trump to back Dixon.

And Dixon is doing her best to win over the former President.

“Some of our key Republican opponents failed to qualify for the ballot,” Dixon said. “I am grateful to President Trump for the encouragement and as I told him [in April], I won’t let him down as we continue to pursue his complete and total endorsement soon.”

Michigan political pollster, Steve Mitchell, says Dixon is on Trump’s radar.

“President Trump has on two occasions mentioned Tudor Dixon as a great candidate,” Mitchell said. “But he has not endorsed her because she’s not doing well in the polling because of a lack of funding. This situation may be in the process of changing.”

DeVos said in a recent radio interview, her entire family plans to make heavy financial commitments to the Dixon campaign.

If the former President does give Dixon his support, it will surely catapult her into front-runner status in the race to face Whitmer in November.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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