Donald Trump has one secret weapon to turn this criminal trial into Joe Biden’s worst nightmare

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Joe Biden counted on a weaponized justice system to deliver him victory.

That’s why Democrat prosecutors indicted him four times.

And now Donald Trump has one secret weapon to turn this criminal trial into Joe Biden’s worst nightmare.

The first case up for Trump is Biden prosecutor Jack Smith’s indictment against Trump for contesting the 2020 election.

Smith stretched the meaning of fraud and obstruction statutes to turn the impeachment and January Committee proceedings into a criminal case.

The indictment against Trump criminalizes Trump’s First Amendment right to free speech and to petition the government.

Smith also is attempting to blame Trump for the riot on January 6 without actually charging him for incitement since not even a rogue prosecutor like Smith was willing to bring that preposterous charge.

Donald Trump’s plan is to put Biden, Biden’s henchmen Smith, and the biased Obama judge Tanya Chutkan overseeing the case, and the weaponized justice system on trial.

The Judicial Conference currently bans cameras in the courtroom for federal trials.

But Trump’s lawyers John Lauro and Todd Blanche argued in a five-page motion that Judge Chutkan should allow cameras in the courtroom so to put on display the fact that the Democrat Department of Justice enlisted a Democrat prosecutor to hold a trial of the Republican frontrunner in front of a partisan Democrat judge and an all-Democrat jury.

“The prosecution wishes to continue this travesty in darkness. President Trump calls for sunlight,” Lauro and Blanche wrote. “Every person in America, and beyond, should have the opportunity to study this case firsthand and watch as, if there is a trial, President Trump exonerates himself of these baseless and politically motivated charges.”

Lauro and Blanche slammed Chutkan as a biased hack for working in concert with Smith to rig the trial against Trump.

First, Chutkan agreed to put the case on a rocket docket and begin the trial on March 4 to ensure that Smith can win a conviction before the election.

Joe Biden wants to campaign against Trump solely on the basis that Trump is a felon, so Chutkan is doing her best to make sure that happens.

Chutkan also imposed an unconstitutional gag order on Trump, which now allows the Biden Department of Justice and a Democrat judge to restrict how the likely GOP nominee can campaign for President and what he can say.

“At every turn, the Court has, at the prosecution’s urging, denied President Trump his inalienable rights, including, without limitation, the rights to: a fair trial in a politically diverse venue, due process, a judge without the appearance of bias or prejudgment, prepare for trial, and the right to speak freely and publicly about this case in the face of the prosecution’s egregious lies. The prosecution, betraying its solemn obligation to ensure that “justice shall be done,” has sought these inexcusable constitutional violations as part of a coordinated effort to undermine President Trump’s candidacy as he faces, and leads, President Biden in the 2024 Presidential Election,” Trump’s lawyers added.

The motion slammed Chutkan for setting up a show trial and that the American people needed to see the rank corruption and abuse of power the Democrat administration carried out in their name.

“Despite systemic prosecutorial misconduct, this Court has not acted to either ensure or protect President Trump’s constitutional rights. There is a high risk that proceeding behind closed doors under these circumstances would serve to further undermine confidence in the United States justice system, while continuing to prejudice President Trump’s rights. For good reason, political trials ‘have virtually no defenders; they are reviled as a corruption of the judicial process and a betrayal of liberal principles,’” the motion continued.

“‘[A]lthough the ability to target political opponents using low process may help the government maintain its power, this advantage may not compensate for the loss of public confidence.’). Indeed, ‘“show trials”’ tell more about the power of the state than about its concern for the decent administration of justice—with every citizen receiving the same kind of justice,’” the motion concluded.

The more attention focused on Donald Trump’s legal trials the more Trump’s poll numbers go up both in the Primary and the general election.

Democrats want to keep Trump’s federal trials secret so the only source of information about what happens in the courtroom comes from Joe Biden’s allies in the media, who will clearly lie and distort what happens.

Cameras in the courtroom would show the public that Joe Biden engineered a kangaroo court out of Soviet Russia to try and take down his likely GOP opponent.

And that would likely cause Trump’s odds of winning the next election to rise.

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