Donald Trump got revenge on Fox News in a major way

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Donald Trump was not happy with Fox News Channel.

The 45th President had his way of making his displeasure known.

And now Donald Trump got revenge on Fox News in a major way.

Donald Trump dominated the headlines surrounding the GOP debate by simply not showing up.

Trump refused to attend on political grounds arguing he did not want to give oxygen to candidates he leads by 40 points in the polls.

But Trump had other motivations for skipping the debate, namely to punish Fox News for what he saw as biased coverage towards Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“The ex-president’s plans to ditch and counter-program the debate is in part retribution for the Fox-controlling clan’s backing of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, Trump’s leading rival in the 2024 primary, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter and another person close to the former president tell Rolling Stone,” a report in Rolling Stone read.

“Maybe they should have been loyal,” Trump reportedly told advisors about Fox News.

After the disappointing 2022 Midterm election, Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch used his media empire to try and shove Trump off the stage and anoint DeSantis as the 2024 GOP nominee.

The Murdoch owned New York Post published a cover declaring DeSantis “DeFuture” following DeSantis’ historic 19-point reelection victory.

Murdoch also owns the Wall Street Journal and that publication’s lead editorial following the midterm was entitled “The DeSantis Florida Tsunami.”

The piece took a jab at Trump after most of his endorsed candidates lost key Senate and Gubernatorial elections and compared that unfavorably to DeSantis’ landslide win.

“But there’s little doubt that his Florida success will grab the attention of voters outside the Sunshine State. You can bet Donald J. Trump was watching—unhappily,” the Journal’s editorial read.

Fox News also got into the act of crowning DeSantis the heir apparent in the Republican Party.

“I think Governor DeSantis is the single biggest winner of the night,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich declared on Fox & Friends while also predicting that DeSantis will “almost certainly become the rallying point for everybody in the Republican Party who wants to move beyond President Trump.”

A Fox News graphic declared it “NEW ERA.”

But now that the tides have shifted and Trump is leading the GOP field by wide margins Trump thinks it is time for payback.

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