Donald Trump couldn’t help but laugh after this report exposed the one area Nikki Haley is dominating him by a 65-8 margin

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley in Iowa and New Hampshire by wide margins.

He seems poised to dominate her home state of South Carolina as well.

And Donald Trump couldn’t help but laugh after this report exposed the one area Nikki Haley is dominating him by a 65-8 margin.

Former President Donald Trump has already set a Republican Presidential Primary record so far this cycle.

In Iowa, he won by the largest margin of victory in the history of contested Republican caucuses in the state.

And his victory the following week in the Granite State made him the first Republican since 1976 to win both the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary.

But former Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is staying in the race at least through Super Tuesday, even though she has zero chance of becoming the GOP nominee.

Of course, Haley’s base of supporters are mostly Democrats, Never-Trumpers, and the rest of the ruling-class elites.

In New Hampshire, exit polls showed unregistered Republicans made up more than 70% of Haley’s support.

But a new report published by Bloomberg found the one area in which Haley is dominating Trump on the campaign trail.

After analyzing financial disclosures, Bloomberg reported that 65 federal lobbyists were backing Haley’s campaign compared to just eight for Donald Trump.

Federal lobbyists have given Haley $106,000 in donations while Trump has only received $42,000 from such individuals.

But foreign lobbyists are also lining up behind Haley’s campaign despite her publicly claiming that she supports a ban on foreign lobbying.

“Like Palomo, David Horton Wilkins, who was U.S. ambassador to Canada under President George W. Bush and is now a registered foreign agent, donated $6,600 to Haley’s joint fundraising committee, according to disclosure filings,” ABC News reported. “Previously a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, the longtime Haley ally led her transition team when she was first elected the governor of South Carolina in 2010.”

Donald Trump Jr. slammed Haley and pointed out that she is the chosen candidate of the GOP establishment and global elites.

“The Republican establishment, which does not represent the Republican or at least the conservative base in America anymore, they want an alternative [to] Trump because they want that control,” Trump Jr. said. “They want to be able to do nothing,” he continued. “They want to not be able to deliver; they want to be soft on China, because there’s a couple of the billionaire donors are saying, ‘Oh, you know, we can be tough on China and in name only, but it’s going to cost us half a cent on our widget if we actually make something in America or support American manufacturing, so we can’t actually do that.’”

“And so you see it, it’s controlled by the donor base,” he said, before adding that the establishment views Haley as their “last hope” at stopping his father.

Nikki Haley is the chosen candidate of the ruling-class elites and those who control them with millions of dollars in donations.

And they are willing to spend whatever it takes to try and stop Donald Trump.

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