Donald Trump could go to jail after this despicable betrayal

It is difficult for Donald Trump to know who his real friends are.

Countless former allies have stabbed him in the back to appease the mainstream media.

And Trump could go to jail after his former lawyer turned on him in a despicable betrayal.

There has never been a President like Donald Trump.

And there may never be one like him ever again.

He gave up wide-spread media praise, one of the biggest real estate empires, and a massively popular television show to run for President. 

If he chose to be a crony to the far-left, his life would be a lot easier now.

But instead, he bravely chose to stand up for America First, and against many of the very people that once considered him a friend. 

In response, he was viciously attacked with insane lies from the mainstream media.

He was smeared as a racist, a Russian puppet, and many other terrible things.

As time went by, those who chose to stand with him at the beginning of his political campaign, began to turn on him.

Perhaps the most despicable betrayal was his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen. 

Cohen was sentenced to prison for a series of crimes he pled guilty to.

While those crimes likely would not have come forward without the scrutiny he was put under for his association with Trump, the crimes were ultimately at his own doing.

In response, Cohen began blaming Trump for his crimes in what Trump’s next personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani compared to the actions of Benedict Arnold. 

Cohen was released from prison early last year after being sentenced to a three year term.

He’s spent his post-prison days attacking President Trump.

Just this week he went on MSNBC’s “Reid Out” to speak to host Joy Reid about the New York Attorney General’s office opening a criminal probe into the Trump organization.

Cohen hammed Trump, and gleefully predicted that Trump, his children, including Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., along with the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg will go to prison as a result of the investigation.

Reid asked him about the investigation, questioning the involvement of Trump’s family, and Trump Organization staff, asking if they should all get their own lawyers. 

Cohen said that each person under probe should get their own lawyers, justifying it by his prediction that Trump will turn on anybody necessary to keep himself out of trouble. 

“I really believe that Donald Trump is going to turn,” Cohen said. “I believe that Donald Trump cares for only himself. He realizes his goose is cooked. When he turned around and gets questioned about what you were asking about, inflation. It wasn’t me. It was Allen. It was my accountant. It was the appraiser. It’s never Donald.”

The felon former lawyer then went so far to claim that Trump will turn on his own kids and wife to keep himelf out of trouble!

Cohen said, “He’s going to turn on his accountant and point the finger. He’s going to say Don Jr. handled that, Ivanka handled that, Melania, he’s going to tell them to take everyone except for himself.”

Cohen finished by saying that the investigation “is going to end up getting Donald, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Allen Weisselberg, his kids, some orange jumpsuits.”

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