Donald Trump could be facing a primary challenge from the last person he ever expected

Joe Biden and the Democrats are on a sinking ship.

The door is wide open for Donald Trump to run again in 2024 if he chooses.

But Trump could be facing a primary challenge from the last person he ever expected.

Some of Donald Trump’s fiercest resistance came from within the Republican Party, and if he runs again, he could be facing a primary challenge from someone who served in his own cabinet.

Former Secretary of State and unabashed neocon Mike Pompeo is allegedly planning a run for President in 2024.

There have been whispers that Pompeo is considering running, but not if Trump were on the ticket.

Now the calculus seems to be changing for Pompeo, who represents the neoconservative establishment wing of the Republican Party.

Pompeo tried multiple times to nudge Trump into war with Iran.

He used the old neocon trope that Iran was working closely with Al-Qaeda, which has been used as a justification for multiple foreign policy failures of the past 20 years.

Trump had the good sense to ignore Pompeo and the hawks and not authorize a retaliatory strike against Iran – after they allegedly shot down an unmanned U.S. drone – that would’ve killed dozens of Iranians and escalated tensions in the region.

Pompeo worked to undermine Trump’s America First foreign policy at several turns.

The American Conservative reports:

“Pompeo [had] worked to thwart [Trump’s] evident desire to exit ‘endless wars’ . . . The U.S. does not belong in the Syrian civil war. Iraq and its neighbors are capable of and should deal with whatever remains of the Islamic State. The secretary has played an equally malign role in Europe, undercutting his boss – and, not incidentally, the American people – by working to spend more on, and place more troops in, the continent, even as Trump pushed the Europeans to do more on their own defense. This is an inane strategy: Washington should cut defense welfare to states with the capability to protect themselves and allow them to decide how to proceed.”

Pompeo is craftier than many of the other establishment Republicans who have been openly hostile toward Trump.

But there’s no doubt Pompeo represents the old neocon establishment, regardless of his time in Trump’s cabinet.

Republican voters shouldn’t be fooled by Pompeo if he indeed decides to run in 2024.

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