Disney just got caught red handed in this woke attack on white people

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Disney’s woke ideology is causing major problems for the company.

But the scandal is even uglier than anyone could imagine.

And Disney just got caught red handed in this woke attack on white people.

America First Legal sued Disney arguing that its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs amounted to de facto hiring quotas that discriminated against whites, Christians, and Jews.

Alan Ng’s latest installment of the D-Files exposed the rot of how executive Jennifer Lee forced a 50/50 split between men and women in the animation teams by driving white men out of the company by allegedly creating a hostile work environment.

Ng wrote that Disney stopped hiring animators based on their qualifications and their experience and instead trawled social media sites for woke activists whose profiles signaled they had the right politics.

“Instead of hiring formerly trained artists from traditional institutions like Cal-Arts, Disney (with the help of Women in Animation) explicitly recruited from social media sites, including Tumblr and Reddit–a fact confirmed by numerous sources,” Ng wrote.

“What mattered was that your social media profile checked the right boxes (i.e., ‘female’ and ‘not White’). Today, that box has revised to ‘female-presenting,’” Ng added.

Ng explained that to achieve the desired diversity quota less talented and qualified female animators were given plum assignments and Disney then turned them into a recruiting pipeline to bring in even more political allies.

“Women from the social media site were quickly scooped up and placed on Raya and the Last Dragon, along with other animated shows and features. Talent was always an afterthought. It was more important that these women could pad the quotas and become useful foot soldiers for the cause of DEI. Once in, the activists were asked for referrals, and now they were in a position to hire other artists from their ‘friend squads.’ They were now hiring based seemingly on their politics; these ‘friend squads’ quickly created a powerful contingent not just at Disney,” Ng’s report continued.

Ng then explained that Disney forced out all the ‘old White guys’ by making their work lives as miserable as humanly possible.

“Disney could not reach 50/50 male/female equity without clearing out the ‘Old White Guys.’ They needed to go, and outright firing them was not an option. The tactic was simple: first, exasperate, and then attack,” Ng wrote.

“It started with ‘demotions’ for the ‘Old White Guys’ in an attempt to demoralize them. The targets were given mundane and inconsequential scenes to work on, regardless of their vast experience . . . scraps for the dogs. Second, if they questioned or complained about their assignment, they were given impossible scenes to work on in an impossible amount of time. When the work was turned in, the new emboldened recruits harshly criticized their work to the point of humiliation. The goal was to make life so miserable that they’d quit or be forced to fall in line with the new normal. If that didn’t work, something worse was waiting in the wings,” Ng reported.

This report will likely add heft and potential witness testimony to America First’s lawsuit against Disney.

The Supreme Court struck down racial preferences in college admissions.

And it seems natural that the justices would look to ax DEI hiring programs in corporate America.

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