DeSantis critics who slammed the use of one word now have egg on their faces

    The Left has been going hard at Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

    They have scrutinized every single decision he has made.

    And DeSantis critics who slammed the use of one word now have egg on their faces.

    Governor Ron DeSantis ruffled feathers when he signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law.

    The legislation – which was smeared by Democrats as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill – barred public school employees from dicussing sexual orientation and gender identity during class in grades K-3.

    That was a reasonable bit of legislation to all sane people, including a majority of Democrats in the state of Florida.

    But the Left is composed of many insane people who are exasperated by right-wingers using the term “groomer” to describe the teachers surreptitiously discussing sex and gender transition with young kids.

    Two separate parents in the state of Florida have raised the alarm on government schools secretly transitioning their middle-school daughters behind their backs.

    And journalist Christopher Rufo pointed out that a 2017 report from the Department of Education defined grooming behavior and explained the prevalence of adult sexual misconduct (ASM) in public schools.

    The study reported that “[s]ome of the warning signs in this grooming phase may be nonsexual and include the offender trying to move the relationship to a personal level, telling the student their personal problems, discouraging the student from talking with other school employees, or asking the student to run personal errands.”

    In light of DeSantis’ bill, many teachers have been distraught that they are not able to talk with students about their personal lives, and some have even pledged to continue doing so.

    The study also characterized grooming as “desensitizing the student to sexual behaviors and making the child feel special in sexual and nonsexual ways.”

    Sexually explicit books like Gender Queer, which shows graphic depictions of oral sex, have been found in school libraries and promoted by teachers.

    The DOE also stated that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) “estimates that nearly one in 10 students are subjected to ASM by school personnel during the course of their academic careers. During the course of a seven-month investigation, Associated Press reporters examined the 2001–05 disciplinary records of educators from all 50 states and the District of Columbia . . . The investigation determined that the teaching credentials of 2,570 educators had been revoked, denied, surrendered, or sanctioned as a result of ASM, and that more than 80 percent of victims in the 1,801 cases were students.”

    So roughly 10% of students will experience ASM at some point during their K-12 education.

    It turns out that being concerned with grooming is not only reasonable, but essential.

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