Democrats were seething after Ron DeSantis scored this major victory

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is building a conservative movement.

He’s not just focused on his own re-election.

And Democrats were seething after Ron DeSantis scored this major victory.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a national leader in fighting to keep the Left’s woke agenda out of schools.

Democrats are targeting children with woke ideologies like Critical Race Theory and radical gender theory.

Many of the decisions about what children are taught and major policies like mask mandates are under the control of local school boards.

Elections for these positions are usually low-key races, drawing little interest outside of radical teachers unions who have long seen the advantage of controlling school boards.

But the pandemic exposed the rot in the school systems, energizing parents to get involved in these races like never before.

And Ron DeSantis made the unusual step of getting involved in school board races that were being held on the same day as Florida’s primary election.

Usually, school board races are ignored by a statewide office holder like DeSantis, but he saw a chance to remake these boards to support his pro-parent agenda.

DeSantis endorsed 30 school board candidates running in Florida with a pro-parent, conservative agenda.

He rallied for candidates around the state with his Education Agenda Tour and backed them with money from his political committee.

Now, he scored an epic victory with 25 of his endorsed candidates winning while flipping control of major school boards around the state.

21 candidates won outright while another four are heading to runoff elections.

Because DeSantis was unopposed in the primary election for Governor, he was able to turn his attention towards the school board races.

Conservatives will now be able to steer the direction of school districts where they took control to keep woke ideologies out and prevent mask mandates for students.

DeSantis celebrated the victory at a Republican event on election night in Hialeah, Florida.

“Parents are sick of the nonsense when it comes to education,” DeSantis said. “We want the schools to educate kids, we are sick of the indoctrination.”

“We want to make sure that they’re teaching them the basics, teaching them to read, write, add, subtract all the important subjects, not trying to jam woke gender ideology down their throat, not trying to do divisive rhetoric like CRT that’s teaching kids to hate each other and hate our country,” DeSantis added.

Five school districts flipped control from liberal to conservative majorities including Miami-Dade County which became the largest school district in the country with a conservative majority.

“We were able to take school boards that had leftist majorities . . . people that wanted to mask your kids, people that wanted to indoctrinate your kids. We were able to replace them all across the state,” DeSantis said. “We were able to replace union-backed candidates with conservatives.”

Teachers unions had been able to dominate these sleepy races in the past to put radical leftists on school boards.

Ron DeSantis is leading the charge to keep left-wing politics out of schools and put parents first.

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