Democrats triggered by the Supreme Court leak did one unspeakable thing

    Democrats believe they can do no wrong.

    There is nothing they will not support in the pursuit of their political goals.

    And Democrats triggered by the Supreme Court leak did one unspeakable thing.

    Democrats have become zealots on the issue of abortion.

    Pro-life Republicans have noted this for years, but people got the message loud and clear after the earth-shattering Supreme Court draft opinion leak that recently occurred.

    Samuel Alito’s draft opinion presaged the reversal of Roe v. Wade, one of the worst-decided cases in Supreme Court history.

    Even many liberal legal scholars admit the right to abortion in the Constitution is a legal fiction.

    News of the Supreme Court leak drove the Left into a furor, and now they’re literally firebombing pro-life organizations.

    Radical leftists vandalized the office for Wisconsin Family Action, threw a molotov cocktail into the building, and started a separate fire in the office.

    They also wrote the message, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.”

    This is the textbook definition of terrorism.

    Democrats have played footsie with rioters and criminal psychopaths for years, but it accelerated in 2020 when they openly endorsed the George Floyd riots.

    The “nefarious” Wisconsin Family Action has this unobjectionable mission statement:

    “We support the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception through natural death. This includes opposing legislation that promotes the destruction of human life – which starts at conception – through abortion and other means. We support a woman’s right to learn about the abortion procedure, the effects of abortion on her and her unborn baby.”

    Abortion zealots don’t even want women getting educated about the barbaric procedure.

    Planned Parenthood goes out of its way not to show women ultrasounds because women are far more likely to bring the baby to term if they see movement and a heartbeat.

    It becomes much more difficult to argue the baby is merely a “clump of cells” as abortion zealots flippantly claim.

    Sadly, what happened in Wisconsin was not a one-off.

    In Portland, arguably the home base for Antifa, radicals vandalized a Crisis Pregnancy Center.


    An insane activist put out the clarion call to attack crisis pregnancy centers in the city.


    Abortion has become a sacrament to people on the Left.

    If they don’t have the right to kill babies, they go completely berserk.

    With Roe on the chopping block, the abortion question would kick back to the states, so the abortion ghouls who want to kill babies up to the point of birth will unfortunately still be able to do so in deep-blue states like California.

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