Democrats tried to pull a fast one but the tables have turned and it could spell disaster for Joe Biden

Joe Biden thought his first term as President would be a cakewalk given that Democrats currently have control of the government.

Unfortunately for Joe, the Republicans haven’t forgotten the tricks the Democrats played.

And the Democrats tried to pull a fast one, but the tables have turned, and it could spell disaster for Joe Biden.

During the Trump administration, Democrat State Attorneys General filed over 200 lawsuits.

The Democrat AGs carefully picked jurisdictions that had friendly Obama, or in some cases even Clinton-appointed, judges.

Because these Democrat State Attorneys General manipulated the system and went to only liberal judges, the Trump administration ended up losing 80 percent of the cases.

The Democrats didn’t think about the future when they enacted their plan, and now it’s payback time.

Several Republican State Attorneys General are dragging the Biden administration into court over its unconstitutional power grabs.

For example, the AG in Montana, Austin Knudsen, sued the Biden administration over the order canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Knudsen also tore Biden apart for acting like a King and signing 38 executive orders in his first few months in office.

“When you step in on day one and start issuing edicts and executive orders like King George, I and a lot of other conservative Republicans are going to start having problems,” Knudsen said in an interview with the Daily Caller.

In Louisiana, AG Jeff Landry is also suing the Biden administration over an executive order pausing deportation for almost all illegal aliens and for banning fracking on new federal land leases.

Landry stated in an interview with the Daily Caller, “Democrats are basically hell-bent on overreaching, overspending, over-regulating.”

Even more recently, news broke that a number of Republican State Attorneys General plan to sue the Biden administration over the language in the bailout bill that would prevent states from cutting taxes if they accept state and local aid money.

And this is only the beginning.

Republican Attorneys General in states all over the country are getting ready to sue Biden for executive orders on everything from guns to transgenders.

The Democrats may have thought they were slick when they cherry picked their justices, but they clearly didn’t think through the entire plan.

Now it’s the Republicans’ turn to take care of business.

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