Democrats smeared Clarence Thomas in the most disgusting way possible

Democrats are full of it when they say they’re tolerant.

They are fiercely intolerant of conservatives, especially if they belong to a “marginalized” group.

And Democrats smeared Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in the most disgusting way possible.

Georgia Republicans are advancing a proposal to build a statue of Clarence Thomas on the state Capitol grounds.

The native Georgian has had a distinguished 30-year career on the Supreme Court, but Democrats in the state despise the idea of honoring him with a statue.

State Representative Donna McLeod told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I’d rather them keep a Confederate monument than a statue of Clarence Thomas…That’s how much I don’t like the idea.”

That’s the mindset of the “tolerant” Left.

They hate Thomas, a black conservative, more than they hate a Confederate general.

Conservatives from “aggrieved” groups constantly get this treatment.

For example, Republican women who are pro-life often get accused of betraying the “sisterhood.”

Thomas has been attacked by the Left for years going all the way back to his confirmation hearing.

Democrats attempted to torpedo his nomination with dubious sexual harassment claims from former staffer Anita Hill, who followed Thomas from job to job after the alleged harassment took place.

Thomas was treated so unfairly during his confirmation, a process that he called a “high-tech lynching,” it served as the “red-pill” moment for departed conservative media pioneer Andrew Breitbart.

At the time, Breitbart was what he called a “default liberal” and he was eager to see the cancel mob take down Thomas.

By the end of the proceedings, his mind was changed because of the collapsing media narratives.

Years later, Breitbart said in an interview:

“I didn’t understand how Ted Kennedy, the Ted Kennedy of Chappaquiddick fame, how [former Ohio Senator] Howard Metzenbaum, how Joe Biden and a series of white, privileged men could sit in judgment of this man who was the son of grandparents who were sharecroppers who raised him, and he went to Yale Law School.”

Breitbart had stumbled onto the Democrat Media Complex, and it rages on today.

The same reason why Ted Kennedy could go after Thomas is the same reason why Representative McLeod would rather see a Confederate monument remain in place instead of a statue of Thomas.

Democrats only care about power; their tolerance is a complete myth.

Their 30-year demonization of Thomas is living proof of their empty rhetoric.

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