Democrats scraped the bottom of the barrel to stop one Republican Gubernatorial candidate

Democrats are getting desperate.

Joe Biden’s policies are failing at the national level, and local Democrats are feeling the heat.

And Democrats scraped the bottom of the barrel to stop one Republican Gubernatorial candidate.

California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Democrat Party establishment were sweating his recall election.

They were terrified that one of the bluest states in the union could fall into the hands of Republican Larry Elder.

That’s why the Democrats did everything they could to slander Elder.

In one of his last speeches on the campaign trail, Newsom suggested that a vote for Elder would be a vote against “diversity” or “racial justice.”

Only the Democrats can simultaneously argue for diversity while slandering an individual who would’ve been the first black Governor of California.

The Left’s attacks on Elder exposed the fraudulence of their arguments.

They only care about minorities when they can use them to gain and maintain power.

One of the reasons Newsom was in jeopardy of being recalled is because he attended an indoor dinner at the French Laundry – one of the most expensive restaurants in the world – while he barred Californians from indoor dining.

Democrats were forced to nationalize the election by bringing in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to campaign on Newsom’s behalf in the nation’s most left-wing state.

It’s clear why the Democrats feared Elder.

He knows the issues backward and forward, and he’s willing to break up the big-government party California Democrats have enjoyed for years.

Meanwhile, California ranks near the bottom in infrastructure, public schools, and business climate.

Newsom couldn’t run on his record, so he and the Democrats resorted to cheap slander instead.

Sadly, this time, it worked as Newsom survived the recall effort.

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