Democrats revealed this disgusting plan to impeach Clarence Thomas

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Democrats will not let go of their 30-year-old grudge against Clarence Thomas.

That war just escalated.

And Democrats revealed this disgusting plan to impeach Clarence Thomas.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin is laying the groundwork for Democrats to impeach Clarence Thomas and pack the Supreme Court with left-wing Justices if Joe Biden wins a second term and Democrats capture control of both Houses of Congress.

Democrats are seizing on a fake scandal invented by liberal activists in the press that Clarence Thomas has a corrupt relationship with conservative donors as the basis for this impending sham impeachment.

Thomas followed all Supreme Court financial disclosure laws but left-wing activists claim conservative donor Harlan Crow paying for Thomas’ travel in vacations was a serious ethical breach.

The dead giveaway that this is a political hit job is no media outlet is scrutinizing vacations taken by liberal Justices.

Durbin is now prepared to hold a vote to issue subpoenas to Crow and Federalist Society head Leonard Leo as part of the witch hunt against conservative Supreme Court Justices.

Leo’s lawyer David Rivkin fired back at Durbin with a letter explaining why the subpoena attempt violates the Constitution’s separation of powers.

“We have put forward clear and detailed reasons why the Committee’s inquiry is a form of political retaliation in violation of the First Amendment and the Equal Protection component of the Due Process Clause. But, for the most part, the October 5 Letter ignores these points, and, since our last correspondence, the Committee has only expanded the retaliatory campaign it is mounting against Mr. Leo. We also have explained at length why the Supreme Court ethics legislation the Committee has written would violate the separation of powers if enacted, and thus cannot legitimate the Committee’s inquiry. But the October 5 Letter offers virtually nothing in the way of rebuttal, and the Committee continues to press forward with its unconstitutional bill. Across the board, the October 5 Letter tries to shield the Committee’s inquiry from our objections by simply acting as though they do not exist. Because we continue to believe that the Committee is not entitled to the personal information it seeks, and because the Committee has provided us with no arguments to the contrary, we respectfully decline to provide such information today,” the letter argued.

The Federalist Society emerged as a bogeyman on the Left after it helped prepare the shortlist of candidates from which Donald Trump picked his three Supreme Court nominees.

That Trump’s Justices voted to overturn Roe v. Wade only further enraged the Left.

Now Durbin and the Democrats want revenge and are preparing sham hearings to attack Crow, the Federalist Society, and the ethics of conservative Justices as preparation for an attempt by the Left to take over the Supreme Court, should Joe Biden and the Democrats win the 2024 election.

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