Democrats’ poll numbers with one demographic have them in panic mode

Joe Biden’s administration has sprung too many leaks.

The regime is a sinking ship.

Now Democrats’ poll numbers with one demographic have them in panic mode.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are attempting a sleight of hand.

They’re attempting to district Americans with media-driven controversies so they won’t care about the actual problems crushing them.

For example, Democrats have used the January 6th witch hunt, gun control, and abortion as attempts to remove people’s anger over inflation, the highest it’s been in 40 years.

And inflation is actually far worse in key areas such as energy costs.

People are truly feeling the pain at the pump.

And inflation is hurting Biden with black Americans, one of the most consistent Democrat voting blocs.

According to a poll from YouGov and the Economist, 75% of black voters said that inflation is “very important” going into the midterms.

Democrats expect to get roughly 85% of the black vote.

A drop of only a few percentage points would be devastating for Biden.

Overall, nearly 66% of all Americans said inflation was very important.

Democrats have done everything to blame inflation on anyone and anything but the actual causes.

Biden has tried to pawn off inflation as “Putin’s price hike” or greedy companies price-gouging Americans.

This is utter nonsense.

Gas prices began going up as soon as Biden stepped into office because of his hospital posture toward oil and natural gas.

Democrats believe they can pummel energy companies with radical rhetoric like eliminating fossil fuels while suffering zero repercussions.

Also, 66% of Hispanic voters polled said inflation is very important.

Democrats are already losing some traction with Hispanics.

Some polls show Hispanic voters essentially split between Democrat and Republican.

Democrats expect to win that demographic by 30 points.

A neck-and-neck raise would put the Democrats on life support for the next election cycle.

In addition to that, 75% of people earning under $50,000 said inflation was very important.

Democrats can’t admit that irresponsible spending led to much of the inflationary crisis.

They pumped trillions of dollars into an overheated economy while forcing workers out of the labor force due to COVID.

Democrats have been every step of the way with their policies, but they are still arrogant enough to believe they can continually get away with the same scam.

Inflation reaching record-high levels is too much heat for the Democrats to ignore.

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