Democrats just suffered another legal setback, and you can thank Donald Trump for this one

The Democrat Party is determined to strip Americans of their constitutional rights.

They don’t care if it’s legal or not – they just want control.

But the Democrats just suffered another legal setback, and you can thank Donald Trump for this one.

In their most recent attempt at a power grab, the Democrats tried to ban the sale of handguns to Americans under the age of 21.

Why the liberals decided a 21-year-old is more responsible than an 18-year-old is anyone’s guess, but that is the arbitrary age they picked.

Judge Julius Richardson, a Trump appointee, delivered the majority opinion for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Much to no one’s surprise, the court struck down the ban on selling handguns to Americans under the age of 21.

Richardson stated that the ability of Americans to exercise self-defense is the “central component” of the Second Amendment.

“So while the individual right of self-defense was ‘the central component’ of the Second Amendment, the civic purpose ‘was codified’ based on the fear that a tyrannical government would eliminate the civically minded militia. Both reflected the pre-existing right of self-defense that the Founders valued as the core purpose of the state. In the Founders’ world, individual self-protection and community defense were not wholly separate spheres,” Judge Richardson stated.

Let’s also not forget that American citizens can serve in the military at the age of 18, so to ban anyone under 21 from buying a gun while allowing them to hold one as they stand on the front lines is absolutely absurd.

And Judge Richardson said as much in the opinion from the Fourth Circuit.

“Around the time the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791, Congress began debating invoking its power under the Militia Clauses to better organize the militias for federal use in emergencies. The effort was pushed by Secretary of War Henry Knox, who argued to Congress that while the ‘military age has generally commenced at sixteen,’ the age for the federal select militia should be set at 18 because ‘the youth of sixteen do not commonly attain such a degree of robust strength as to enable them to sustain without injury the hardships incident to the field,’” Judge Richardson wrote.

Justice Richardson confirmed, what most Americans understand already, that the historical record is clear and the Founders fully intended for citizens ages 18 to 20 to have access to firearms.

At this point, the Democrats seem to be just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks, and in this case, it was a totally asinine attempt to take away legal adults’ freedom to own a gun.

There is no telling what these radical leftists will try next, but they aren’t done yet, and clearly will stop at nothing to make sure every American is stripped of their constitutional rights.

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