Democrats have this surprise plan to put Michelle Obama on the ballot in 2024

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Every poll shows a majority of Americans do not want Joe Biden to run for reelection.

Polls also show a toss-up race against Donald Trump.

But the Left isn’t going to leave anything to chance and Democrats have this surprise plan to put Michelle Obama on the ballot in 2024.

CNN polling analyst Harry Enten recently warned Democrats that Donald Trump is in a stronger position to win in 2024 than he ever was in 2020.

The idea that Trump is unelectable is bunk, Enten warned.

Tim Stanely wrote in The Telegraph that the Democrats are not willing to blindly follow Joe Biden to defeat in 2024.

Stopping Donald Trump has been the organizing principle of the Democrat Party since Trump won in 2016.

To that end, Stanley wrote that sources in the Democrat Party told him that there is a contingency plan in place for Biden to pull out of the race at the last possible moment so no other candidates can file for the primaries.

At that point in time, Stanley wrote, the party will hand the nomination to Michelle Obama.

“A source says that in conversation with a foreign politician, it emerged that their government assumes Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee in 2024. Joe will pull out before the first primaries; it will be too late for a grassroots candidate to enter the fray; an establishment stooge will be crowned at the convention. And the name of that lucky winner? Michelle Obama,” Stanley wrote.

Stanley added that world leaders expect this scenario to play out as none believe Biden is the actual decision maker in his administration due to his age and cognitive decline.

“This anecdote confirms what I’ve heard from UK sources, too: when governments engage with Biden they feel they are dealing with the face of an administration but not always the person in charge. Were the Democrats to drop him from their presidential ticket, the world would understand,” Stanley added.

Michelle Obama is the most popular Democrat in America.

And now it looks like she could be the party’s “break glass in case of emergency” option in 2024.

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