Democrats’ green dream hit a major snag after another electric vehicle failure

Democrats have completely bought in on radical environmentalism.

They want to snap their fingers and reshape the entire economy based on this far-left idea.

But Democrats’ green dream hit a major snag after another electric vehicle failure.

Democrats are hell-bent on eliminating fossil fuels regardless of the consequences for humanity.

Cheap and abundant energy is the reason why humans’ standard of living has increased across the globe, and the international Left wants to throw all of that away based on faulty computer models and paganism.

But reality continues to get in the way.

An electric bus fire in Connecticut forced plans for a fleet of EV buses to be put on hold.

Breitbart reported that “a fleet of 11 electric buses belonging to CT Transit in Connecticut is still out of service following a massive battery fire that occurred in July, the state’s Department of Transportation says. In July, a battery fire caused an electric bus to burst into flames in Hamden, Connecticut. Luckily, no one died in the inferno, although two transit workers and two firefighters were hospitalized as a result of the blaze, and a federal investigation was triggered. In September, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a preliminary report detailing how the electric bus operated by CT Transit became engulfed in flames while parked at a maintenance facility, according to a report by NHPR.”

The fact that EVs sometimes spontaneously burst into flames is a troubling sign when Democrats want all electric vehicles, all the time.

Department of Transportation spokesman Josh Morgan admitted, “The battery electric buses remain out of service while the investigations are ongoing.”

So far, it appears that the 2021 New Flyer Xcelsior bus did not charge properly, so it was taken out of service.

Later, smoke was observed coming from the vehicle.

The fire department arrived on the scene, but there was no fire.

The bus was later moved, and more smoke began billowing from the vehicle.

The fire department arrived on the scene a second time, and this time the bus had been fully engulfed in flames.

EV batteries burn extremely hot, so it took the fire department several hours to extinguish the blaze.

The Left’s rapid push for renewables at the expense of all other forms of energy makes absolutely no sense.

The problem of batteries bursting into flames needs to be solved before even entertaining the idea of completely remaking transportation in America.

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