Democrats got some bad news about their unrelenting attack on Ron DeSantis

    Democrats need a new bogeyman with Donald Trump out of office.

    They think they’ve found it with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

    But Democrats got some bad news about their unrelenting attack on DeSantis.

    Democrats have lied repeatedly about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, smearing it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill even though the word gay does not appear anywhere in the legislation.

    Nevertheless, DeSantis signed the bill into law, and leftists are furious.

    But despite the attacks from the Left, the new law is popular among Floridians, even Democrats.

    The Wall Street Journal reported that “Democratic voters in the poll support the law 55% to 29%. Among suburban voters, which could be a decisive group for the midterm elections, it’s 60% to 30%. Parents: 67% to 24%. Biden voters: 53% to 30%. Respondents who ‘know someone LGBTQ’: 61% to 28%. Those figures might come as a shock to Florida’s progressive activists, including those who happen to work at Walt Disney.”

    So the groups that were supposed to be vehemently opposed to the law did not find it objectionable.

    It turns out that most people do not want children in grades K-3 being taught about sexual orientation and gender identity.

    But that hasn’t stopped the activists.

    Abigail Disney, great-niece of Walt and granddaughter of company co-founder Roy, is a far-left progressive who wants big business to turn on right-wingers.

    She’s unaware that that has already happened in the entertainment world and among other “woke” companies.

    Chris Rufo – journalist for the Manhattan Institute who has been on the frontlines of exposing neo-Marxist philosophies that have seeped into education, government, and corporate America – leaked virtual town hall footage from Disney where executives openly talked about the company’s “not-secret-at-all gay agenda.”

    That spurred Abigail Disney to say that right-wingers are now devouring business, much to her delight.

    She tweeted, “Like all radical ideologues, the right wing has finally run amok and is coming to devour the hand that feeds it. Business. For my part I am delighted. It is the business world that has been, either by act or omission, feeding the opportunist right wing to distract.”

    Her read of the situation is entirely backwards.

    America is a center-right country.

    When companies move to the fringe-left, they alienate more fans than they attract, and the Florida poll proves that.

    Even a majority of Biden voters support the DeSantis law.

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