Democrats can’t deny Donald Trump’s popularity and this latest poll has them petrified

    Democrats dismissed Donald Trump during the 2016 primaries and general election.

    They vilified Trump throughout his four years as President and still blame him for all the world’s problems today.

    So, they’ll be shocked to find out where Trump’s popularity ranks among all national political figures.

    Democrats never gave Donald Trump a chance.

    And because of that, the former President’s approval ratings never reached great heights – despite one achievement after another.

    A booming economy, low gas prices, no new wars, controlled immigration and low crime rates weren’t enough to get a Democrat to give Trump a thumbs up.

    So, surely, it should be easy for Joe Biden to outdo Trump’s approval ratings.

    Not so fast.

    According to the Real Clear Politics average, Donald Trump now boasts the highest favorability rating of any national politician.

    Despite many polls showing President Joe Biden sitting in the mid to upper-30’s for job approval, his RCP average for favorability rating sits at -10.3, 42.5% favorable, 52.8% unfavorable.

    Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris is much worse, at -15.5.

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York is even less popular with a -17.7 favorability from American voters.

    Worse yet is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, who only about 1/3 of Americans support, netting her a -22.2 rating.

    How does President Trump fare against the Democrat leaders who smear his name on a daily basis?

    Trump has an underwater rating, but is far closer to 50/50 than any of his rivals.

    The 45th President of the United States has just a -5.5 favorability – nearly twice as good as incumbent President Biden.

    That’s also the best of any of the national GOP leadership.

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthey is underwater at -16.6.

    And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is the least popular politician in America, with a -33.5 rating.

    The news led Trump’s son, Don Jr. to brag that his dad is still the King of Politics.

    “Big news, your favorite President, Donald J. Trump, POTUS 45, tops every national political figure in favorability rating,” Don Jr. said in a Rumble post.

    Junior points how surprising that news is considering all Trump has been up against since the moment he came down the escalator and announced his intentions to run for President of the United States.

    “Donald Trump, who took on an onslaught of Democrats, billions in Big Tech money working against him, billions in corporate media money working against him, literally is the most favorably rated politician in America,” Don Jr. said.

    According to Don Jr. the far-Lefts attempts to smear Trump have all fallen short.

    “The lies, the Russia hoax, multiple impeachments, everything was supposedly a scam…they’re going to indict him every-other week, right,” Don Jr. asked. “Every tweet he sent was ‘worse than Watergate’ according to the clowns on air. But yet, the American people still rate him that highly.”

    The Former President’s son goes on to compare his father’s booming economy, peace and safe neighborhoods to Joe Biden’s runaway inflation, record high gas prices, crime surge, conflict in Eastern Europe and crisis on the U.S. Southern Boarder.

    “Maybe Donald Trump’s policy should be…’had enough yet guys?’ You want the big boys back in the room,” Junior asked. “Are you better off than you were 18 months ago? Can anyone with a straight face tell me that? No, they can’t.”

    This is a great sign for Trump as his mulls over a potential run for a second term in the White House in 2024.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more on this developing story.

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