Democrats are whitewashing over one danger electric vehicles pose to their owners

The Left is escalating their push for green energy.

But the reality does not match the theory.

And Democrats are whitewashing over one danger electric vehicles pose to their owners.

Radical environmentalists are relentlessly pushing electric vehicles as not a complement to gas-powered vehicles, but a complete replacement.

And Democrats are attempting to aggressively force out gas-powered vehicles within a ridiculous time frame.

But electric vehicles pose problems that Democrats refuse to acknowledge.

For starters, EVs can be tinder boxes, as the batteries can burn incredibly hot and melt the car entirely.

That’s what recently happened to an EV on the highway in South Dakota.

KELOLAND News out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota reported that “the Vermillion Fire EMS Department says [the fire] happened on Highway 50 near the Business Route exit just after 4 o’clock Tuesday afternoon. Crews arriving on scene found a small car on fire with flames spreading into the ditch. Because flames had reached the car’s high-voltage battery, firefighters secured the area to wait for the battery to cool. Highway 50 eastbound to the Business route was closed for around an hour and a half. The cause is under investigation.”

It’s not yet known how many gallons of water it took to extinguish the fire, but a recent EV meltdown in Connecticut required 600 gallons per minute and 25,000 total.

EV fires require special training because of how combustible the batteries can be.

On top of that, EVs present other problems.

The rare earth metals needed to make the batteries require heavy machinery to mine for the materials, i.e. fossil fuels.

Also, EVs put more strain on the electrical grid, which is powered by fossil fuels.

During a recent energy crisis in California, Governor Gavin Newsom urged residents not to charge their EVs at certain hours because the grid was stressed.

If California intends to phase out gas-powered vehicles in 10-15 years, then the grid is going to be even more extended and reliant upon fossil fuels to keep up with the need.

In addition to that, EVs are inefficient for certain tasks, such as towing and traveling long distances.

Towing and hauling cause the batteries to drain faster, and there are not enough charging stations to comfortably travel long distances without diligent planning.

It can also take a considerable amount of time to fully charge a vehicle.

The bottom line is that EV technology is not where the “woke” environmentalists want it to be.

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