Democrats are throwing one insane accusation at parents

Democrats have become shockingly radical on a number of issues.

They somehow turned parents into a powerful conservative voting bloc.

Now Democrats are throwing one insane accusation at parents.

Anyone who opposes the Left is subject to severe retaliation.

Many parents found that out when they were investigated by the FBI as if they were domestic terrorists when they showed up to protest at school board meetings.

One of the issues that motivated parents to go to meetings was radical gender ideology secretly being taught and encouraged by teachers and school administrators.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis promoted the Parental Rights in Education bill after parents sued when their daughter – who was secretly transitioning at school – attempted suicide.

New Hampshire is pursuing similar policy, but Democrats are fiercely blocking it.

One state Democrat suggested that kids will be beaten to death if they are not allowed to transition at school without their parents’ knowledge.

The Daily Wire reported that “the chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party claimed without evidence late last week that if public schools do not withhold information from parents about their children’s behavior in school as it relates to so-called ‘gender identity counseling’ that some parents will beat their children to death. Raymond Buckley made the outlandish claim on social media Friday in response to another tweet that highlighted the stance of Rep. Chris Pappas (D-NH).”

Conservative commentator Michael Graham highlighted on Twitter that Representative Pappas favors parents being left in the dark about their own kids.

Graham wrote, “The most interesting part of this story out of #NHPolitics is that @RepChrisPappas is unabashedly arguing that parents should NOT have the right to know about behavior of their own children.”

That’s when Buckley responded to Graham by arguing, “You’re purposely going after children, endangering their lives, mental health & safety & its [sic] disgusting. Not all families are the same, some kids will be kicked out or beaten (to death) or commit suicide. All to try to get votes for Karoline [Leavitt]? #NHPolitics”

Karoline Leavitt is the Republican candidate for Congress, who supports parents being informed about their children, which was a commonsense proposition up until five minutes ago.

However, Democrats have become so radical, they believe that they know better than parents.

Leftists truly feel as though kids belong to the state.

And the playbook remains the same – the Left claims that kids will be harmed if they are not allowed to impose their radical agenda.

In reality, they’re indoctrinating children into an ideology that has a significantly higher rate of mental health issues and suicidality.

The rate of transgender suicide remains tragically high, even in deep-blue enclaves where so-called “tolerance” is widespread.

It’s come to the point where Democrats are openly arguing for the right to talk to children about sex, sexuality, and gender behind their parents’ backs.

That is textbook grooming behavior.

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