Democrats are scrambling after the release of this one report

The Left has fueled anti-police riots and cut funding to departments around the country for years.

But it looks like that’s coming back to bite them.

And now Democrats are scrambling after the release of this one report.

Everyone knows the Democrat Party has been moving further and further Left every year. 

They have been infiltrated by radical progressives who think social workers can take down hardened criminals.

Of course, their aim is to defund the police because of lies like “racial bias” being a systemic issue across the nation.

Unsurprisingly, these tactics have backfired.

A report just came out from the Major Cities Chiefs Association showing that homicides in cities in America have increased by up to 40% from the previous year. 

An increase like this hasn’t been seen since 1960.

“Sixty-three of the 66 largest police jurisdictions saw a rise in at least one category of violent crime, ranging from homicide and rape to robbery and assault,” the report continued.

This is a bad omen for the Democrats going into the 2022 midterms. 

The crime wave “is a crisis for the liberal project,” said Ezra Klein, a left-wing commentator.

And those fears are based on the history of dramatic increases in crime helping Republicans win big victories in national and state-level battles.

As the Washington Examiner reported: 

“A top Democratic data scientist estimated that rising anxiety about crime and perceptions that Democrats did not support law enforcement drove more conservative-leaning nonwhite voters, especially Hispanics, to cast their ballots for Trump even though Biden disavowed the phrase “defund the police.” In the end, Trump won voters whose top issue was crime and safety by 44 points, while Biden carried those who listed racial inequality by 85 points.”

The Democrats are too deep down the rabbit hole to turn tail, and it may lead to their own destruction at the polls. 

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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