Democrats are panicking as they learn Americans’ top concerns headed into the Midterms

Right now, Democrats can get away with anything they want to with control of the Executive Branch and slim majorities in the House and Senate.

The Left obviously would like to keep those advantages – and are hoping constant talk from their Fake News Media allies about January 6 and COVID will lead them to victory.

But Democrats are panicking as they learn Americans’ top concerns headed into the Midterms.

With the Virginia, New Jersey, Minnesota and Washington off-year election results, Joe Biden’s underwater approval numbers and brand-new bad polling, panic is setting in on the Left.

The latest Fox News Business poll shows American voters’ concerns don’t align with Democrat’s priorities in the slightest.

According to the poll, the top five concerns of American voters are:

1. Inflation/Higher Prices – 84%
2. Higher U.S. Crime Rates – 77%
3. Tax Hikes – 71%
4. Federal Deficit – 69%
5. Coronavirus Pandemic – 68%

The COVID number is down 6-points since just September.

And the number of people who say they are extremely concerned about the perpetual pandemic is only sitting at 35%.

For some reason, the Fox Business poll did not ask about Critical Race Theory indoctrination in schools, or January 6.

Making matters worse for the Biden administration and Democrats’ Midterm hopes, voters are not happy with the sitting President, according to the poll.

When asked if they’ve been helped or hurt by Biden’s policies, only 17% responded they’ve been helped.

Meanwhile, only 36% believe the President’s social spending plan would help the U.S. economy – while just 21% believe Build Back Better would lower inflation.

67% of respondents say Biden’s inflation crisis has caused financial hardships for their family.

As for COVID, 71% of Americans believe the pandemic is at least somewhat under control.

If these numbers hold for the next 10-months, Democrats better get out their surfboards, because a red wave will be coming in November 2022.

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