Democrats are melting down over a Judge in Donald Trump’s case for this awful reason

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats thought the lawfare against Donald Trump would change the election.

Now they’re hoping for one more case to deal a knockout blow to the former President.

And Democrats are melting down over a Judge in Donald Trump’s case for this awful reason.

Democrats throw a temper tantrum over Donald Trump getting a fair trial

Democrats like to claim that former President Donald Trump was hit with four criminal cases by Democrat prosecutors because no one is above the law.

But their actions tell a very different story when he gets a fair Judge.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has been racing to try to start Trump’s trials before the election to keep him off the campaign trail and deliver a connection that could save President Joe Biden’s floundering campaign.

His criminal case against the former President in Florida for allegedly mishandling classified documents has been an eye-opening experience for him.

District Court Judge Alieen Cannon has called out the legal misconduct and abuses of Smith and his rogue prosecutors.

Smith’s prosecutors have been routinely reprimanded by her for pushing the envelope. 

She indefinitely postponed the classified document trial in May to complete the pretrial motions needed for a complicated case.

Democrats are melting down that she’s not on their preferred political timeline for the case.

They want the Constitution’s right to a speedy trial to extend to the prosecution.

Harvard Law School Professor Nancy Gertner – a retired Federal District Judge appointed by former President Bill Clinton – is one of the so-called legal experts Democrats and the media use to target Judges who don’t do what the Left wants.

She raged to The Hill that Cannon hadn’t started a trial date.

“There’s nothing — nothing — about the way she has handled the case that is normal, that is usual, and that makes a degree of sense — except that she’s just so inexperienced or second, that she’s just not confident, or third, that she is so biased to Trump,” Gertner whined. “By not setting a trial date, by not deciding motions, she is simply slow-walking the case, and that is clearly in Trump’s interest.”

If Donald Trump were any other defendant in the federal court system, his cases would take years before they ever went to trial.

Democrats know that this case is one of the last gasps to save Biden’s sinking re-election campaign.

Democrats get a reality check about Judge Cannon

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley gave Democrats a reality check about Judge Cannon in a piece for the New York Post.

“In reality, the ‘loose Cannon’ spin is utterly disconnected with her actual rulings,” Turley wrote. “She has ruled for and against both parties on major issues. That includes rejecting major motions filed by the Trump team and most recently challenging Trump counsel on claims that the special counsel is part of ‘a shadow government.’”

Democrats want Donald Trump to face a Soviet-style show trial like in Manhattan.

And when that doesn’t happen, it causes them to lash out against an honest Judge.