Democrats are losing their minds after what this top Republican Governor just said

The Left isn’t used to being called out on their radical agenda.

They hate when someone has the courage to expose them to the American people.

That’s why Democrats are losing their minds after what this top Republican Governor just said.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 panic, Democrats and their radical base have been leading calls to strip Americans’ Constitutional rights away.

Whether it is through draconian mask mandates, economic lockdowns, or mandatory vaccination, leftists won’t be happy until they can control every decision for you.

But not everyone is bowing down to the demands of would-be dictators like Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden.

In an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lashed out at the Left.

“They are basically saying that we are all just subservient to a medical authoritarianism,” DeSantis told Tucker Carlson.

“Whatever they think needs to be done, we have to submit to it: it’s probably, Tucker, the most significant threat to freedom in my lifetime, certainly since the fall of the Berlin Wall,” he continued.

He then warned that Joe Biden’s policies and thinking toward the virus could lead America down the path of authoritarian measures issued by other countries.

“Because taking it to its logical conclusion, you end up with Australia where they’re forcing lockdowns,” DeSantis said.

But he wasn’t done there.

He argued that Biden’s failure at the border and openness to allowing unscreened illegal aliens into the U.S. could be a source of new cases and variants of the virus.

DeSantis has never been one to hold back.

As Governor he has fought to preserve the rights of parents and businesses throughout the pandemic while being attacked as a “homicidal sociopath” by leading leftists in the corporate-controlled media.

This grit and leadership is why many see him as a leading candidate for the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary if Donald Trump chooses not to run.

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