Democrats are ignoring one inconvenient truth that exposes their radicalism

Democrats are completely delusional.

They believe that Republicans have moved far to the Right.

But Democrats are ignoring one inconvenient truth that exposes their radicalism.

The Left have drifted wildly to the Left over the last few years, and certainly over the past few decades.

For example, on the issue of abortion, Democrats onced believed in “safe, legal, and rare.”

Now they have movements like “Shout Your Abortion.”

It has become a grotesque sacrament for the Left, and they don’t realize how far outside the mainstream they are.

Leftists commonly look to Western Europe and the Nordic countries as models for the type of quasi-socialist government they want.

But even progressive European countries are not as extreme as the Left on abortion.

Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen explained, “Did you know that Europe has stricter abortion laws than the USA? In ultra liberal (and Socialist) Denmark they have free abortion up until week 12.”

In fact, the United States is in the ignominious company of China and North Korea when it comes to countries that allow abortion up to the point of birth.


The battle over abortion heated up after an anonymous person within the Supreme Court, purportedly a leftist clerk, leaked a draft decision that signaled the court could be preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Even liberal legal scholars admit that Roe was a poorly decided case.

The liberal justices at the time manufactured a right to privacy that federally permitted abortion.

It’s a legal fiction and a blight on the Supreme Court.

If the decision were to be overturned, individual states would get to determine abortion laws for themselves, which was the state of play before Roe.

As a result, red states would likely get redder, and blue states would likely get bluer.

More federalism is a good thing.

Leftists go wrong because they try to ram down policies on the entire nation, often through the Supreme Court.

But now the court could be returning to a more federalist bent.

Meanwhile, more Democrat-run states are already pushing for government-funded abortions up until the point of birth.

Former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam even argued in favor of infanticide by saying that mothers and abortion doctors should be allowed to let newborn babies die so long as they’re made “comfortable.”

The Left doesn’t even realize how radical they have become on the issue of abortion.

In doing so, they’ve left much of the rest of the nation behind them.

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