Democrats are calling for Biden to do that last thing anyone ever expected

Joe Biden is undoubtedly the worst President America has ever seen.

From his continued demands that every American be vaccinated to all-time high inflation rates, Biden is destroying the country.

Now Democrats are calling for Biden to do that last thing anyone ever expected.

Calls for Joe Biden to step aside aren’t just coming from the Right anymore.

Word on the street in Washington, D.C. is even some Democrats have had enough with Biden and are making the case that he needs to let someone else run in 2024.

Joe Biden has made a mess of the country in less than a year, and his obviously declining mental health is only making matters worse.

Biden’s socialist “Build Back Better” spending bill has hit a real bump in the road and won’t see a vote before the end of the year, which could spell disaster for the President.

Everyone knows that 2022 will be all about the midterms and which party takes control, so even those who may have initially supported Biden’s bill, will start to keep at arm’s length so it doesn’t cost them their seat.

Biden’s popularity among people in his own Party is waning, which is sure to cause issues for the Democrats come 2022.

Not being able to get enough Senators on his side, when Democrats hold the power, is a sign of real weakness.

Joe Biden is not just a disaster of a President, he’s unfit to serve.

Many argue that it would do the Democrat Party well if Biden would announce sooner rather than later that he doesn’t intend to run again in 2024.

But everyone knows Joe Biden has worked his whole life to get to the White House and he’s not letting that slip away now.

The big problem for Democrats, however, is who they would put in his place should he make the decision to step away.

Kamala Harris has not turned into the rockstar politician the Left had hoped for and is clearly not able to handle the pressure of the Office of the Vice President, so any thoughts that she might just slide right in have gone out the window.

Looks like Democrats will need to be a bit more forceful with old Joe if they want to save face in 2024.

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