Democrats are already running away from one shocking crime

    Democrats have been turning a blind eye to rising crime around the nation.

    They only focus on crime stories that are politically useful.

    And that’s why Democrats are already running away from one shocking crime.

    Pro-crime policies are wrecking Democrat-run cities.

    Lawlessness is out of control, and repeat criminals run rampant.

    The only time Democrats highlight crime is when the story can be used to propagate broad narratives about America requiring “systemic” change.

    The corporate-controlled press was immediately interested in the story of the New York City subway shooter who shot ten people, though thankfully they are all expected to live.

    But the suspect, Frank James, was not a “MAGA terrorist” and didn’t use an “assault weapon,” so his alleged crimes will quickly be of low interest to the Democrat Media Complex.

    Heavy reported that “Frank R. James was identified by New York police as the person of interest in the mass shooting inside a Brooklyn subway train during which a green construction-vest clad gunman carrying a .9mm caliber handgun shot 10 people during rush hour. It was a chaotic scene that left bloodied victims lying on the subway platform, but, miraculously, all are expected to live . . . Authorities have tied him to a U-Haul they believe is tied to the shooter. Frank James rented the U-Haul, they said in a news conference. The key to it was left at the shooting scene. Police are seeking James.”

    According to James’ social media posts, he is a black nationalist who has used racist rhetoric against multiple groups.

    James even denounced newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson for having a white husband.

    James also expressed pro-communist views and favorability toward Fidel Castro.

    There’s no political hay to be made for the Democrats, so the quickly will be discarded as soon as James is apprehended by the police.

    Similarly, the Waukesha massacre has been severely underreported by the “mainstream” press for the same reason.

    Conversely, the Kyle Rittenhouse saga was frontpage news for six months.

    The Democrats wanted to undermine the right of self defense, which is why they were so desperate to see Rittenhouse go down in flames.

    They don’t want people to be able to defend themselves against their “righteous” violent outbursts.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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