Democrats are after DeSantis again for a truly jaw-dropping reason

“Florida Man Bad” news coverage is slowly catching up to “Orange Man Bad.”

Ron DeSantis has practically become Darth Vader for the press.

And Democrats are after DeSantis again for a truly jaw-dropping reason.

The Left is looking for any reason whatsoever to poke Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

If people paid attention to the media reports, they would think DeSantis is wildly unpopular, not a Governor who just got reelected with a 20-point mandate.

DeSantis has shifted Florida from purple to solidly red.

Republicans won 62 of 67 counties in the 2022 Midterms.

DeSantis has made big moves combating “wokeness” in public schools, which has infuriated the Left.

Education is the nucleus of the Left, so they freak out whenever their authority is challenged in that arena.

Now leftists are accusing DeSantis of wanting to “confiscate” phones from students.

However, what DeSantis said was perfectly reasonable.

He explained, “I think to myself, ‘Why are these kids on their phones during class all the time?’ I mean, I think the school district would be totally within their rights to say, ‘You know what? Leave your phone in some cubby or something.’ Go sit in class, learn, and then if you get it at recess and you want to text people, fine. But they should not be always on their phones being distracted from the lessons. So I think that our school boards will be able to lean in on some stuff, too, to buttress what we’re doing. And I look forward to being able to do that.”

Not only is putting phones in a cubby during class time not confiscation, it’s an idea that’s even supported by many moderate liberals.

The Washington Post complained about the problem of students being glued to their phones in class.

The Post argued that “a pocket-size computer with access to the Internet is a distraction during lessons. Getting children to pay attention to a history class can be difficult even without the competition. Experts also worry about the role phones play in bullying at schools and the impact of social media on development and mental health.”

Many Big Tech executives limit their kids’ screen time or ban smartphones and tablets altogether because they know the addictiveness of these devices, particularly for developing minds.

DeSantis addressed a real problem facing educators across the country, and the Left used it as an opportunity to suggest he was calling for confiscation.

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