Dave Chappelle forced “woke” writers to do something unthinkable

The Left have declared war on Dave Chappelle.

They don’t want him to be allowed in polite society.

And Chappelle forced “woke” writers to do something unthinkable.

Dave Chappelle hosted the latest episode of Saturday Night Live – but before it aired, all hell broke loose.

The latest season has been slightly less “woke” in early episodes, even trashing Joe Biden and the Democrats in a hilarious sketch.

However, Chappelle’s selection as guest host apparently triggered “woke” writers on the show to boycott his episode because of jokes about transgender people in two of his Netflix comedy specials.

Page Six reported that “there’s unrest at 30 Rock . . . over the decision to sign up Dave Chappelle to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend. We’re told that some staff writers are so furious that the comedy superstar — who has made transphobic and homophobic jokes — has been chosen to helm the iconic show that they’re sitting out the episode. ‘They’re not going to do the show,’ an insider told Page Six. ‘But none of the actors are boycotting.’”

Far-left activists are narcissistic and unhinged, but the behavior is tolerated by liberal executives who either agree with the woke activists, or are afraid to stand up to them.

In the past, if people refused to work for nonsense reasons, they lost their jobs.

But the comedy writers in question, who are highly replaceable, feel a sense of entitlement for a job that thousands of other comedy writers would take in a second.

Page Six added that Chappelle “last hosted the sketch comedy show in 2020, well before Netflix released his 2021 special ‘The Closer.’ It angered some viewers because many of Chappelle’s jokes were aimed at the trans community . . . Chappelle was at 30 Rock on Tuesday meeting with writers and producers and his rep told us ‘there was no evidence of a boycott . . . The room was full of writers. They all pitched ideas and they seemed very excited about it . . . Dave is looking to have some fun.’”

So far, only one writer has spoken publicly about the incident.

SNL writer Celeste Yim wrote on Instagram, “I’m trans and non-binary. I use they/them pronouns. Transphobia is murder and it should be condemned.”

First of all, being both trans and non-binary seems ridiculous and self-defeating.

If one identifies as the opposite gender, how could that person then be non-binary?

But leftism is where logic goes to die.

Secondly, it’s insulting to actual victims of violent crime and their families to call “transphobia” “murder.”

These far-left activists are insufferable, and if they didn’t want to write on SNL because of Chappelle guest hosting a single episode, then they should quit.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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