“Creepy Joe” is at it again in this latest video of his inappropriate behavior around young women

Being one of Joe Biden’s handlers is not a desirable job.

Keeping him hidden away and stopping him from making awkward remarks can’t be easy.

And “Creepy Joe” is at it again in this latest video of his inappropriate behavior around young women.

Rumors of Biden’s penchant for women have swirled for decades, and his inappropriate behavior has made headlines for as long as he’s held office, but as his mental faculties decline, these instances seem to be happening more often.

His inappropriate remarks to a young girl in the audience during a speech at Joint Base Langley-Eustis made headlines worldwide.

And who can forget the incredibly awkward interview he had with a nurse from Arizona where he told her she looked “like a freshman.”

Biden’s behavior isn’t new, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

Most recently, “Creepy Joe” made inappropriate comments about the daughters of an ice cream shop owner.

While being introduced to the girl’s father, who Biden largely ignored, he quipped, “You have guard dogs, I assume,” a clear reference to the attractiveness of the owner’s daughters.

The father tried to laugh the weird exchange off by stating that both girls were, in fact, engaged.

Joe Biden is incapable of controlling himself around women regardless of their age.

Of course, it’s radio silence from the Left because to them, Biden can do no wrong.

If this was Donald Trump, they’d probably try to have the man behind bars by now, but not Biden.

The hypocrisy is deafening.

In a 2014 book by Ronald Kessler, it was revealed that Biden would often skinny dip at his Delaware home and at the Vice President’s home during Obama’s time in office.

So there is no doubt this behavior is not unusual for Biden, but why he isn’t held accountable for it is anyone’s guess.

Supposedly his behavior went so far that female Secret Service agents were offended by being put in such an awkward position.

Again, though, if you’re a Democrat, these things are acceptable.

Joe Biden’s handlers can try all they want to hide the man from the public, but his outrageous behavior isn’t a secret.

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