Country star Miranda Lambert sent feminists into a fit of rage with these seven words of advice about marriage

Keith HInkle, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The radical Left is trying to wipe conservative values from American society.

Traditional gender roles are at the top of the Left’s chopping block.

And country star Miranda Lambert sent feminists into a fit of rage with these seven words of advice about marriage.

A culture war is raging across America.

The Left knows they must first stomp out traditional values before they can usher in their socialist welfare state.

That’s why Democrats and the media have fully embraced the Left’s woke gender insanity over the past few years.

And attacking masculinity and traditional gender roles is part of the Left’s playbook.

In fact, left-wing activists in the press will smear any public figure or celebrity who embraces traditional values.

And that’s exactly what country music star Miranda Lambert did in an interview with Fox News Digital where she shared her secret to a successful marriage.

The three-time Grammy winner revealed her recipe for marital success with her husband Brendan McLoughlin.

“I think the first big meal I made for him was mom’s famous meatloaf,” Lambert said. “That’s the one everyone brings a man home to mom for or calls and asks how to make when things are getting serious.”

Lambert added that “it’s the meal that gets the ring.”

“We joke that it’s the meal that gets the ring, and it’s worked for many of us,” she said.

Lambert is promoting her new cookbook, Y’all Eat Yet: Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen, which features recipes and reflections on her life.

“This book is permission to be imperfect,” Lambert said. “It’s a reminder to slow down and spend quality time with the people in your life and to really cherish the memories you make with them.”

Lambert attributed her traditional values to her “small-town, Texas upbringing.”

“My brother and I had the typical small-town, Texas upbringing — church on Sundays, high school football on Friday nights,” Lambert said. “Our parents worked really hard, and my mom always made things feel special even when we didn’t have much.”

“I think that upbringing and our community of family and friends has been really important in keeping me grounded through all the craziness of this business,” she added.

Radical leftists criticize any woman who enjoys traditionally feminine activities like cooking meals in the kitchen.

Instead of just allowing women the free choice to decide how they wish to live, feminists want to force their radical lifestyle on the rest of society.

And Miranda Lambert embracing the traditional women’s role of cooking will send the Left into a fit of rage.

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