Country star John Rich said three words about Jason Aldean that caused a woke meltdown

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Country music has become more popular than ever for speaking the truth.

Artists are defying the cancel culture that’s taken over the rest of the entertainment industry.

And country star John Rich said three words about Jason Aldean that caused a woke meltdown.

Country music has become an oasis for conservatives while the rest of popular culture is becoming increasingly woke.

Country superstar Jason Aldean beat back the woke cancel mob that came after him for the music video for his hit song “Try That in a Small Town.”

His fans rallied around him during the backlash and made the song the first of Aldean’s career to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Country star John Rich praised Aldean and new viral sensation Oliver Anthony for connecting with fans saying that they “speak the truth.”

Anthony became the first artist in Billboard history to debut at number one on Billboard’s chart without a previous song to chart with his blue-collar anthem “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

“When a guy like myself or Jason or Oliver Anthony — our new buddy who’s coming out here now — when guys like us speak the truth in a song, it’s done that way on purpose,” Rich told Fox News Digital.

These country artists are seeing massive success because their music is authentic in an increasingly sterilized, corporate world of music.

“I mean, it is said in a certain way where, you know, that’s the truth,” Rich said of Anthony. “That’s a real song. That’s not something a record label came up with. That’s actually a guy telling you how he feels about it.”

“Try That in a Small Town” was falsely accused of racism and promoting violence by its woke critics for using news footage of 2020’s violent Black Lives Matter riots and for defending small-town conservative values.

Country Music Television (CMT) caved to the woke mob and pulled the video three days after it first debuted on the network.

“Because of what he’s saying in the song, that if you try that in a small town, we actually have each other’s backs around here,” Rich said. “You know, even though we don’t necessarily all agree or come from the same piece of cloth, don’t come in our town and set our buildings on fire or attack our police or burn our American flag. You’re going to have some pushback if you do that.”

Rich said that he’s known Aldean since he first broke into country music and that woke mob’s attempt to cancel him backfired in a major way.

“Instead of selling 30,000 tickets a night, he’ll probably sell 50,000 tickets, and that’s how I think it’s going to affect his career,” Rich remarked. “Listen, people are fed up with the nonsense. I don’t care what your politics are. People are tired of being lied to.”

The refreshing honesty of Jason Aldean and Oliver Anthony is connecting with fans and propelling them to new heights.

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