Country Star John Rich demolished Rolling Stone for this hit piece on Oliver Anthony

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Country artist Oliver Anthony became a viral sensation with his song “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

His success is putting him in the crosshairs of the media.

And country star John Rich demolished Rolling Stone for this hit piece on Oliver Anthony.

Country artist Oliver Anthony became one of the most unlikely musical success stories in history.

His song “Rich Men North of Richmond” was released on an obscure YouTube channel before it quickly went viral with the help of conservatives on social media.

The blue-collar anthem hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart making him the first artist in history to have a song debut at number one without having a previous song make the chart.

“Rich Men North of Richmond” struck a chord with audiences because of its themes that touched on welfare abuse, high taxes, and a corrupt political elite.

The media is seething with rage that conservatives are beginning to flex their muscle in popular culture with the success of the movie Sound of Freedom and country artists like Anthony, Jason Aldean and Morgan Wallen.

Anthony, who’s tried to stay out of the political fray, had a target painted on him because of his popularity with conservatives.

Rolling Stone was once a respected music magazine that’s turned into an enforcer of left-wing thought as it fades into irrelevance.

The magazine reached out to conservative country music star John Rich to get his opinion on an upcoming piece about Anthony.

Rich previously said that he became friends with the “Rich Men North of Richmond” singer after his career took off.

“I’m working on a feature here on Oliver Anthony, and we’re looking to speak with people across the spectrum about his appeal, the phenomenon, and where it goes from here,” the message to Rich said. “We’ve read John’s comments about wanting to work with him if possible. Would John be up for a phone interview to talk more about this and how he sees the whole situation?”

He immediately knew that Rolling Stone was working on a hit piece against Anthony and told off the music magazine in the most epic way possible.

“When Rolling Stone glamorized the Boston bomber, they lost all credibility as a serious publication,” Rich replied. “I’d rather do an interview with Cartoon Network.”

A 2013 issue of Rolling Stone featured a glamour shot of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover.

Rolling Stone ran a hit piece on Sound of Freedom earlier this summer during the height of the movie’s theatrical success attacking the film and the audiences who saw it.

Rich correctly told off the increasingly irrelevant left-wing magazine as it was likely dialing up another hit piece against a pop culture phenomenon popular with conservatives.

The media can no longer serve as a gatekeeper against musicians like Oliver Anthony who have massive grassroots support.

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