Country star Jamey Johnson showed up for one event in North Carolina that had the rich men north of Richmond trembling in fear

Joe Bielawa from MInneapolis, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Radical leftists have dominated the entertainment industry for decades.

But the tide is starting to turn.

And country star Jamey Johnson showed up for one event in North Carolina that had the rich men north of Richmond trembling in fear.

After sitting quietly and allowing the Left to take over virtually every institution in America, conservatives are finally standing up and fighting back.

Anheuser-Busch lost billions of dollars and saw Bud Light lose its long-held place as the number-one selling beer in America after the company entered into a partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Target also suffered massive financial losses after the company displayed a transgender clothing line for children in honor of June’s Pride Month.

After leftists demonized country star Jason Aldean over his song Try That in a Small Town, conservatives rallied behind the musician and catapulted it to the top of the charts.

This weekend, Virginia native Oliver Anthony became an overnight sensation after a video went viral of him performing his song Rich Men North of Richmond.

“Residing on 90 acres in Farmville, VA, with his three dogs and pursuing an off the grid life, Oliver Anthony writes songs in his free time, but has the talent to make it what he does full-time,” Whiskey Riff wrote.

“In his acoustic session of Rich Men North of Richmond, he tells the story of a working-class man fed up with corporate America and more specifically, the politicians in Washington, D.C., and the game that executives expect the character to play,” Whiskey Riff continued, before adding that “it sends the message of a giant middle finger to the powers that be from an employee just trying to make it by.”

“The powerful song about the working man’s plight has been embraced and promoted by Conservatives across the country, which in turn, has led to an outpouring of criticism from those on the Left side of the aisle,” Whiskey Riff added.

Oliver performs regularly at a farmer’s market called Morris Farm in eastern North Carolina.

On Saturday, Oliver performed at Morris Farm, but unlike the previous times, thousands upon thousands of people showed up to hear him play Rich Men North of Richmond.

“Well, as exhausted as we were last night, we could hardly sleep!” Morris Farm wrote on Facebook. “We know the lines were crazy long but every person was so patient with us and had kind words to say once they finally made it up to the counter!”

Oliver opened up by reading Psalms to the crowd in attendance.

“It’s crazy to me, I remember back in June I played here for about 20 people,” Oliver said when introducing himself to the crowd. “But that’s the beautiful part of this country, even an idiot like me can make something happen,” he continued, before adding “if I can do it, you can do it.”

Country legend Jamey Johnson also made a surprise appearance and performed his hit song In Color on stage with Oliver.

In only a matter of days, Oliver went from an unknown man to the most talked about performer in America.

Oliver’s meteoric rise to fame serves as a reminder to the power elites in Washington, D.C. that grassroots Americans have had enough.

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