Connecticut Democrat just unleashed one eye-opening attack on a Republican candidate

Democrats can get away with just about anything.

The corporate-controlled press rarely ever holds them to account.

And a Connecticut Democrat just unleashed one eye-opening attack on a Republican candidate.

The Democrats rely on identity politics to win elections.

They silo people off into groups, and shame them mercilessly if they vote differently than the identity group is “supposed” to vote.

This is particularly true of racial minorities who do not support the Democrat Party.

They can be as nasty as they want to black, Hispanic, and Asian Republicans.

And a Republican in Connecticut was just compared to Curious George, the monkey from the children’s book series.

GOP candidate George Logan was the target of a tweet spread by the Connecticut Democrats that read, “This is George. George doesn’t live in the 5th District but wants to represent it in Congress. George’s uncle lives in the 5th District. George says he’s moved into his uncle’s house. But has he? Just run where you live, George. Deceiving voters is no way to start a campaign.”

The tweet, which has since been deleted, was clearly styled after the Curious George books that read: “This is George. He was a good little monkey and always very curious.”

Logan called out the Democrats and responded, “For a party that claims to be open and inclusive, this sort of tweet, which was also retweeted by my opponent Jahana Hayes, certainly comes across as racially motivated.”

At first, the Connecticut Democrats attempted to deflect and aim criticism at the Republicans.

Nancy DiNardo, chairwoman of the state party, said, “The Connecticut Republicans have no opinion about actual racism in their ranks; about demanding that schools stop teaching the history of slavery, about the murderous violence incited by the persistent discussion of replacement theory, but they are finding racism where there is none.”

DiNardo is talking about the anti-American Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory, which has nothing to do with teaching the history of slavery.

And “replacement theory” has not been pushed by any mainstream Republican, although Democrats use similar language all the time.

These are the same Democrats who tried to accuse then-gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis of racism when he used a common expression and told voters not to “monkey this up” and elect a Democrat (he was running against Andrew Gillum, who is black) that would blow out spending and grow the government.

Congressman Jim Himes of Connecticut admitted the double standard and tweeted, “Had the GOP posted it, we’d be condemning it. So let’s do that here: intent matters little, whataboutism is not ok, [and] the purported substance doesn’t matter. Let’s take it down, apologize, and learn.”

Democrats need to be consistently called out when they engage in ridiculous double standards and ugly smear tactics.

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