Congress confirmed Biden’s purge of the U.S. military is about to begin

Beginning after President Biden took office, the administration sought to purge the armed forces of conservatives.

Targeting so-called “extremists” in their ranks, new policies were handed down that punished military members for belonging to groups like the NRA.

Now Congress has confirmed Biden’s purge of the U.S. military is about to begin.

Money is power in politics and the latest $770 billion defense spending just gave Biden’s Administration a boost.

While lawmakers typically attach plenty of strings to spending bills, a group of Republicans who wanted to protect service members who refused to get the COVID-19 vaccination ultimately couldn’t keep them from getting discharged if they refused.

However, they did at least ensure service member’s resumes won’t be marred by a “dishonorable discharge” for refusing the vaccine.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz said, “As President Biden’s unlawful vaccine mandates are continually challenged, this reform prevents our brave servicemen and women from being punished like convicted criminals for simply making what they believe is the best medical decision for themselves.”

Of course, Biden’s talking head, Jen Psaki, played down the problem saying that 99% of the Air Force is in compliance.

Adding that, “this is at the end of months of counseling and engagement with those not in compliance about what is required here.”

We can interpret that as: Too late! We already harassed them into giving in – or getting out if they had a chance.

On December 14, Forbes reported that 97% of Air Force and Space Force members had been vaccinated while 27 Air Force members were fired for refusing to comply.

According to the Forbes article, 7,365 members of the Air and Space Forces remain unvaccinated.

No news on whether they’ll all get fired – or what type of roles they’re playing in national security.

A lot of the resistance to Biden’s sweeping military vaccine mandate is likely to come from state National Guard and Army Reserve forces – especially in red states.

Now Texas’ Governor has now joined Oklahoma’s in saying the mandate won’t be enforced in his state.

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