Congress begins UFO hearings with an eerie “Skull and Bones-type vibe” as secrets remain buried – even from Members of Congress

The very fact that Congress is holding hearings on UFOs is a shock.

And the fact that they want the Pentagon to tell all is even more surprising.

But as Congress begins the UFO hearings, there’s a “Skull and Bones-type vibe” as secrets remain buried – even from Members of Congress.

The truth is out there.

Or maybe it’s right outside Washington, D.C. in the Pentagon.

Or maybe it really is in Area 51, as UFO “conspiracy theorists” have claimed all along.

Many Americans who have been following the UFO phenomena over the years were hopeful that the first Congressional hearings on UFOs in over 50 years might shed some light on the subject.

But as Congress prepares to hold the public UFO hearings, it turns out answers may not be as forthcoming as was hoped.

The Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies are in the midst of a major internal feud over just how much they should cooperate with Congressional demands to investigate and share what they know.

According to current and former national security officials who are aware of the situation, this feud has been going on since the first leaks started back during the Trump Presidency when the Navy first admitted publicly they had been tracking UFOs.

Now, Pentagon officials find themselves under increasing pressure to carry out the law recently passed by Congress that requires them to establish a permanent effort to coordinate research into reports of highly advanced aircraft of unknown origin intruding into protected airspace.

The law also requires regular classified and public reports to Congressional oversight committees on new incidents involving “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

And they are to provide information on previous investigations uncovered in government repositories or testimony.

But as is usual with acts of Congress, nothing is that easy.

And when it comes to the federal government, especially the military industrial complex, secrecy is the first order of business.

Much like Skull and Bones, and other secret societies that have existed throughout history, the U.S. military and spy agencies run on secrets.

And of course, there is an ongoing tug of war among competing factions inside the national security bureaucracy.

All of this makes it almost impossible for Congress to compel the different military branches, various spy agencies, national laboratories, and others to come clean given the longstanding secrecy and stigma surrounding the UFO issue.

As one Pentagon official put it, “Without forcing peoples’ hand, it is going to be very difficult to uncover legacy ventures and programs that we know about based on oral interviews we dug up. There has to be a forcing mechanism.”

“There has to be something to hold people accountable but also give them a chance to come out clean for a period of time,” the official continued.

The official went on to say there are people with direct knowledge of the UFO phenomena who have yet to contribute to the oversight effort.

“These people exist, and they are protecting very interesting information,” the official said.

All of this is a fancy way of saying Congress has ordered the Pentagon to research and investigate UFOs and report to them the ongoing findings, and the Pentagon, and our nation’s intelligence apparatus is once again ignoring the law to protect their secrets.

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