Comedian Dave Chappelle dropped a truth bomb about San Francisco that sent woke leftists into a fit of rage

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Democrats have turned San Francisco into a raging dumpster fire.

The once-beautiful city is suffering from a rise in homelessness, crime, and drug abuse.

But comedian Dave Chappelle dropped a truth bomb about San Francisco that sent woke leftists into a fit of rage.

Most comics would agree that Dave Chappelle is currently the best comedian on the planet.

Chappelle gained massive popularity for his hit show on Comedy Central, the Chappelle’s Show, that ran from 2003 to 2006.

Since 2013, Chappelle’s sole focus has been stand-up comedy.

He’s enjoyed major success, with Esquire labeling him the “comic genius of America” and Rolling Stone listing him in their 50 Best Stand Up Comics of All Time.

But Chappelle’s refusal to bow to the woke agenda has made him a top enemy of the left-wing cancel culture mob.

LGBTQ activists tried to get Chappelle canceled over his Netflix stand up special called The Closer.

The Closer has been condemned by numerous transgender activists and their allies in the mainstream news media for Chappelle’s jokes about trans people and his declaration that he believes that biological reality determines one’s gender,” Breitbart reported.

However, Chappelle refuses to apologize or back down from his comedy routine.

In January, Chappelle called out transgender activists for their overly violent behavior, including throwing eggs at his fans who were lined up to see him perform.

“These were grown people of various genders and gender identities,” Chappelle said. “They threw eggs,” he continued, before adding that “they threw eggs at the [fans] who were lined up to see the show.”

Over the weekend, Dave Chappelle held one of his stand up performances in Democrat-run San Francisco.

During the show, Chappelle took the gloves off on city officials, asking “What the f*** happened to the place?”

Chappelle told a story about “eating at an Indian restaurant in the Tenderloin a few nights earlier, only to have someone defecate in front of the restaurant” as he was walking in the door.

Chappelle said San Francisco had become a “half glee, half zombie movie.”

“Y’all n****s need a Batman!” Chappelle told the audience.

Of course, Chappelle’s routine infuriated the radical Left.

“Chappelle didn’t go deep into his TERF beliefs Thursday; instead, he settled for a barrage of transphobic dog whistles,” San Francisco Gate reporter Dan Gentile wrote. “For those following his career closely, they drowned out everything else, but what was crystal clear was his disdain for present-day San Francisco.”

“If you follow comedy or pop culture news, you know Chappelle has said plenty of irresponsible and dangerous things,” he continued, before adding “like Musk, Joe Rogan and Kanye West, he has insulated himself from criticism with a combination of incredible talent and incredible wealth.”

Gentile is using the same attacks the Left has been using against Chappelle for the past year.

But their attacks only made him more popular than ever before.

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