College students were triggered by something that will make you weep for America’s future

“Wokeness” is spreading at an exponential rate.

The phenomenon is by far the worst on college campuses.

And college students were triggered by something that will make you weep for America’s future.

In the Left’s quest for “woke” purity, everything has become offensive.

Even Halloween costumes have sparked intense debate.

And a field reporter for the conservative college group Campus Reform gauged the attitudes of students on the topic of cultural appropriation, i.e. one race or culture using another group’s culture for profit, adornment, or any other reason.

Cultural appropriation is one of the Left’s many concepts that devolves into madness.

For example, a successful taco truck was forced to shutter its business because the owners were white.

Adopting and celebrating other cultures is a good thing, but not to the Left.

Needless to say, the left-wing college students were against cultural appropriation.

Some of their responses were:

—“Yeah, definitely. I believe that cultural appropriation is a thing, so don’t do it.”

—“I think it’s really important. I think people’s culture is not a costume.”

—“I think it’s important that you don’t appropriate other cultures, and that you respect other cultures.”

—“It’s so easy to be hasty, and to be irrational in trying to make a point about something like freedom of speech in a way that might offend somebody else.”

But it became clear that the students were worried about saying the “wrong” thing.

When the Campus Reform reporter asked them about “ableist” – offensive to people who are special needs – costumes, they demurred and said there are always scolds looking to be offended at something.

Students responded:

—“That’s true, especially this generation. There’s always something sensitive, like, there’s always something wrong, like, you’re always getting hated on or whatever.”

—“I don’t think there’s anything you can do that wouldn’t offend anybody.”

This is ultimately the effect of the Left’s hard political correctness push.

An increasing number of people are afraid to say what they think.

Worse yet, the incentive structure is all wrong because leftists are rewarded for their behavior.

The infamous “woke” meltdown over Halloween costumes at Yale several years back resulted in the offended students getting awards and accolades for courage.

College campuses are indoctrination mills run by leftist scolds.

Buyer beware.

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