CNN’s Jake Tapper told a top House Democrat one truth about Joe and Hunter Biden that put jaws on the floor

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The left-wing media has been in Joe Biden’s back pocket for years.

But some of Biden’s longtime allies are starting to turn.

And CNN’s Jake Tapper told a top House Democrat one truth about Joe and Hunter Biden that put jaws on the floor.

For the past several years, major networks like CNN and MSNBC have essentially served as megaphones for the Democrat Party to push their agenda on the public.

The left-wing media helped bury the New York Post’s infamous “laptop from hell” story in 2016 by calling it “Russian disinformation.”

They also helped Biden’s handlers keep Americans in the dark about the severity of his declining mental and physical abilities.

But Americans have caught on to how serious Biden’s situation really is, which is why polls show three fourths of voters believe he is unfit to serve another term in the White House.

Aside from the controversy surrounding his age and senility, Joe Biden is also facing scrutiny for his alleged involvement in his son Hunter’s overseas business deals where he traded his father’s influence as Vice President for millions of dollars.

Despite the mounting pile of evidence indicating Joe Biden’s involvement in an influence-peddling operation with Hunter, the media has been defending the President against Republican calls for impeachment.

But Democrats are beginning to worry about Joe Biden’s ability to win in 2024 given his age and mental issues.

With polls now showing Donald Trump defeating Biden in a General Election, some of the President’s former allies are starting to waffle.

Representative Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) recently appeared on CNN’s The Lead for an interview with left-wing host Jake Tapper to discuss the investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden.

“We know that he was on the phone one time or he had dinner one time and what Republicans have done is say, see, there’s the evidence, he was in the room, he was at dinner, he was on the phone, he spoke to his son,” Moskowitz said. “But there has been no evidence at all, zero.”

Of course, this is the standard lie Democrats keep repeating.

There is a mountain of evidence from whistleblower testimony to the FBI form 1023 to emails found on Hunter’s laptop.

In a shocking move, the left-wing Jake Tapper was not quick to defend Joe Biden.

“Does Joe Biden not bear any responsibility for the fact that his brothers and his son have been making millions of dollars, profiting off their relationship to him, being lobbyists and advisers and this and that because of him?” Tapper fired back. “Is that not — I understand people in this town do that and their relatives do it, but he’s been letting them do it.”

However, Tapper then somewhat eased back his comments by saying Hunter only did what everyone does in Washington, D.C.

“It’s perfectly legal to be the son of a very powerful person and traffic in that connection,” he said.

Cracks are starting to show in Joe Biden’s wall of defense the media built around him.

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