CNN talking head Don Lemon leveled this shocking racist statement against Americans

Don Lemon has been propagating lies and race-baiting commentary since becoming a regular host at CNN.

The far-Left cable news host has a reputation for instigating racial controversies.

And now, Don Lemon leveled this shocking racist statement against Americans.

As CNN plummets in viewership and popularity, Don Lemon continues to make more extreme statements for attention.

He loves to target white Americans specifically, who he blames for being too ignorant to understand the “plight” black Americans still face today.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Lemon doubled-down on these racist sentiments.

“There’s this false reality that we’re living in a post-racial world after the election of Barack Obama. That was all bulls***,” said Lemon.

“I would love to see Black people, especially black gay men – and I hate this word – normal, and as human beings and as part of the culture.”

“I don’t know if America sees Black people especially Black gay men as fully human, and as deserving of the American dream,” Lemon concluded.

Lemon’s comments make it seem like we’re living in the 1950s.

Diversity, inclusion, and LGBT issues (especially during Pride Month) are at the forefront of “mainstream” American culture as we speak. 

Never in our country’s history have we seen so many media organizations, entertainment companies, and popular culture adopt the far-Left views Lemon claims are missing from society.

But what’s most hypocritical is that Lemon – as a Black gay man – earns $4 million a year for working at CNN and just sold a luxury New York apartment for $1.4 million. 

If America were as racist as Lemon claims it to be, I doubt he would afford such a lavish quality of life most Americans could never dream of.

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