CNN pulled Jim Acosta from the White House beat for this ridiculous reason

For the last four years, CNN’s combative questioner, Jim Acosta, was a fixture in the White House press briefings.

But it seems with Joe Biden winning the presidency comes a new assignment for the antagonistic Acosta.

And the left-wing extremists at CNN have pulled Jim Acosta from the White House beat for one ridiculous reason.

In a recent interview with The Atlantic, Acosta admitted that he would not be critical or skeptical of the Biden administration.

Acosta believed Donald Trump was a threat to democracy. Therefore, he had no choice but to cover the President in an incredibly aggressive manner.

CNN announced that Acosta would be moved off the White House beat to serve as chief domestic correspondent and anchor a weekend show.

Sounds cushy.

Newsbusters executive editor Tim Graham says it’s no shock Acosta has been pulled from the beat stating, “His (Acosta) raging, lecturing routine has no place in the Biden press corps. The transition from rabid lion to Poppin Fresh would have been stunning. What we’re to get now is repeaters, not reporters.”

Graham went on to say, “The liberal networks say they won’t be ‘stenographers to power,’ but that’s exactly what they sound like most of the time when they are covering Democrats.”

As Trump departs, CNN, along with numerous other left-wing news outlets, admits that they spent the last four years doing nothing more than harassing the President of the United States.


America watched in awe the last four years as Acosta made a spectacle of himself.

It was rare that a briefing didn’t include the President or his press secretaries being shouted at by Acosta.

Looks like now that CNN and their socialist loving reporters got the President they wanted, they can lay off the act and just agree with everything the administration says – like they did when Barack Obama was in office.

CNN and other leftists are praising Acosta for his coverage of President Trump over the last four years.

It’s clear that CNN is showing their hand and telling America they have no intention of holding the Biden administration accountable like they did President Trump.

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