CNN is in hot water after ignoring this hate crime against a black Republican

CNN wants you to believe that the Republican Party is racist.

That’s why they spend so much time attacking black Republicans.

And now CNN is in hot water after ignoring this hate crime against a black Republican.

To the radical Left, simply disagreeing with a black Democrat is often enough for being considered racist.

Just look at the way they treated those who opposed Barack Obama.

But when it comes to black Republicans, it is the opposite.

They will label you racist if you support them.

This is made abundantly clear with the candidacy of radio host Larry Elder in California.

The black radio host is running as a Republican to replace Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

Because he is challenging a Democrat, he has been called every horrible name in the book, including being labeled as “the black face of white supremacy” in the media.

And now, with his campaign continuing to gain momentum in the upcoming election, Democrats have begun taking the streets to oppose him.

And at a campaign stop in Los Angeles, things got violent, culminating in an attack many are calling a hate crime.

As he was walking towards the event, a white woman wearing a gorilla mask hurled an egg at Elder, nearly hitting him in the back of the head.

When a campaign staffer approached the women, a group of what appeared to be homeless people began punching him in the face.

Despite the attack being jarring, the media hasn’t said a peep about the incident.

A search on CNN’s website shows several negative articles about Elder, but nothing about the attack.

It is clear that if Elder had different political views that wouldn’t be the case.

Users on Twitter questioned how the mainstream media would have responded if it were the same situation, but with somebody like Stacey Abrams being at the receiving end of the attack.

Past reporting from CNN makes clear that situation would be front page news for weeks.

A search for Bubba Wallace, the black NASCAR driver shows 87 different articles about him, all beginning with his claim that a garage door pull was a noose intentionally placed in his garage in a hate crime.

The FBI even sent dozens of agents to the race track to inspect a garage pull down rope.

To them, political violence and hate is only wrong when it is directed at their political opponents.

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