Climate change activists just took a massive L after one embarrassing incident

    The “greens” want to radically change society in the blink of an eye.

    They believe net zero carbon emissions are possible tomorrow.

    But climate change activists just took a massive L after one embarrassing incident.

    The supporters of the Green New Deal and other inane environmental policies have a completely unrealistic view of the world.

    They believe the entire energy sector can be turned over instantly.

    Democrats have been pushing hard for electric vehicles.

    But there’s still a serious problem with EVs: they have a tendency to blow up.

    Breitbart reported that “an electric Jaguar I-Pace vehicle caught on fire and burned to ash in Florida, but the vehicle wasn’t in a car wreck like many notorious Tesla fires — it was simply charging in the owner’s garage. The electric car is the fourth known I-Pace battery fire that seemingly started on its own — a concerning amount of fires, given that there are so few of these vehicles on the road…The Florida-based electric car owner, Gonzalo Salazar, told the outlet that he had purchased a brand new 2019 Jaguar I-Pace in 2020, and was driving the vehicle without issues for a few years, until one day the car caught fire in his garage, after having been charging for the night.”

    Car owner Salazar explained, “On June 16, I plugged the car in before going to bed…In the morning of June 17, I woke up and unplugged the car. Later that morning, I set out to run some errands. I drove about 12 miles that morning before returning back home and parking the car back in the garage, leaving the garage door open…As I was doing things at home, I heard pops coming from the garage…I decided to go see where the sounds were coming from, and upon walking into the garage, I faced a thick wall of smoke. My thought immediately was, ‘When there is smoke there is fire,’ and I need to get the car out of the house garage.”

    If Salazar had not acted quickly, his entire house could have burned down.

    Recently, an electric transit bus in Connecticut caught fire.


    Even without EVs combusting, the batteries are not “green,” nor is the process for mining for the metals required to make them.

    Fossil fuels are still the cheapest and most efficient method of energy, and no propaganda campaign is going to change that.

    Instead of trying to force electric vehicles on Americans, the Biden administration should roll back its anti-fossil fuels policies that have sent gas prices soaring.

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