Classic rock band Queen became a victim of the woke mob for this unexpected reason

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Wokeness is trying to steamroll over everything on its way to dominating society.

Even iconic musicians are facing its wrath.

And classic rock band Queen became a victim of the woke mob for this unexpected reason.

Queen is one of the most popular bands in the history of classic rock known for their smash hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Are the Champions.”

To introduce the British rock band music to a new generation of fans their Queen’s Greatest Hits: Volume 1 album featuring 16 of the group’s most iconic songs is being released on Yoto, an audio platform for young people.

The collection of hits is the best-selling album of all time in the United Kingdom.

But one of Queen’s most popular songs bit the dust and was removed from the album.

The iconic 1978 song “Fat Bottomed Girls” was mysteriously nowhere to be found on the track listing for the album on Yoto when it was announced by Universal Records.

The song written by guitarist Brian May has been a fan favorite for decades but that didn’t stop it from falling victim to cancel culture.

“Fat Bottomed Girls” was so popular that it was featured on Queen’s original 1981 Greatest Hits album.

A music industry insider told The Daily Mail that the “fun song” being axed left the business puzzled.

“It is the talk of the music industry, nobody can work out why such a good-natured, fun song can’t be acceptable in today’s society,” the insider said. “It is woke gone mad. Why not appreciate people of all shapes and sizes like society is saying we should, rather than get rid of it. It’s outrageous.”

The beloved song is still available on Queen’s Greatest Hits album on other platforms for now.

Wokeness celebrates body positivity but that no longer extends to “Fat Bottom Girls.”

The song had been targeted by critics in the past for allegedly having sexist lyrics.

Yoto claimed that the song was pulled from the album because it was allegedly inappropriate for younger users of their platform.

However, they included a warning about drug use and violence in other songs on the album.

“Please note that the lyrics in some of these songs contain adult themes, including occasional references to violence and drugs,” a disclaimer read. “These are the original and unedited recordings. Whilst no swear words are used parental discretion is advised when playing this content to or around younger children.”

Drug use is fine but “Fat Bottomed Girls” is a bridge too far for the woke audio platform.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha slammed the song’s censorship as “utterly ridiculous” pointing out that Queen had a reputation as a politically incorrect band.

“To say, ‘All right, that song never existed’ is utterly ridiculous,” Concha said. “And, by the way, the boomerang effect will be more people downloading that song than they ever would’ve before 40 years later.”

Queen’s status as one of the legendary bands from the classic rock era couldn’t protect them from the woke mob.

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